More sketching

My New Year Resolution to paint more has involved mostly drawing and colour sketching, with a view to working in oils when it gets warmer. None of that freezing and starving in a garret for me I’m afraid;  my cat sketches meant I could be in the warm kitchen right next to the Rayburn!

Lucy the cat, who never stays still when awake (which is only 2 hours a day and involves eating, scratching and asking to come in or go out); the other 22 hours are taken up with beauty sleep.

This one below represents her true character!


These I drew with my finger dipped in lead pencil shavings…… waste not want not!

Lastly, some colour sketches:

I’m gathering loads of material to use when I get to my studio, I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “More sketching

  1. Oh I love the wee cat Liz – you’ve caught her movements perfectly.

    Must send you The Caerlaverock Cat CD from duplication company. It now has ISBN number on it. Is selling well. I’ve done a talk on it in a school and a reading.

    all the bestMaureen

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