Limbering up for the summer expos.

Somehow, with time getting less and less available for painting, it feels as though I haven’t picked up a paintbrush for ages.  So, thank goodness for the iPad,  I’ve been quickly sketching on that and playing about with my images on the PS express app. This enables me to change or invert colours of any original painted sketches and iPad sketches. It’s a great way of doodling, and there is a certain sense of serendipity because  I can convert images to colours I wouldn’t think of using in paint, now why is that I wonder? I think it’s because it’s so instant, this really is a way of saving time, and nothing is irreversible which you get with paint, so there’s no hesitation.  It does however make decision-making more difficult if you’re indecisive like me, for now the question is which one to use as your diving board? Which pool to plunge into?  Either that or it gives you a series of paintings to get on with, so both options are available!

Nº1 is the original iPad sketch.          Nº2 inverted colours.          Nº3. grey and carmine:


Nº 1 iPad sketch.               Nº 2 inverted colours.            Nº3 grey/carmine:

These 3 are unadulterated  iPad sketches:

Now onto playing with painted sketches:

gateway blue

strengthening and warming the colours


Inverted colours, I like the mood of this one:



Lastly, in my last blog I mentioned visiting a friend in hospital, since then she’s been moved to another, and I couldn’t believe the colour they’d chosen for the corridor……  This is great inspiration for painting, but in reality it makes me scuttle as quickly as I can to the next floor, the effect it has on people’s skin is a ghastly glowing sickly green, ideal in a hospital………





12 thoughts on “Limbering up for the summer expos.

    • Thanks Phil, I’m sure yours aren’t, your paintings are so lovely! Which app are you using? I tried Brushes ( the one David Hockney uses) but couldn’t get on with it because I’d been using ArtRage for some time before and was so familiar with that that I couldn’t switch. However I think I might try it again now I’ve a new iPad with more memory because I did like the way you can wind it back and see the brush movements unfold.🎨✏️🖌!

      • Thanks Liz, I used brushes too, I guess I should just experiment and try a few different ones, most are quite cheap , and it would be a good way to spend time at airports and on the plane as I’m flying most weeks 😉. I love the boldness and freeness of your ipad drawings, I’m a bit timid with it, I should just get stuck in!

      • That’s the ticket, get stuck in, it’s the only way! I was really hesitant with my first forays into iPad sketching, partly because it’s not the same as the real thing, partly because I was trying to paint with “oils” and ” watercolours” as though it were real, ( which is possible, I’ve seen some excellent ” paintings” done this way) but I’m too impatient to learn how to smudge and soften etc. Now I just use 1 or 2 “tools” that I’m happy with, choose my colours and, Bob’s your uncle!

  1. Liz, your work on the iPad continues to amaze me! It amazes me in the same exciting way that your painting always has. Brava! And, in MY opinion, iPad is just another creative tool in your kit… it is also “the real thing.” Even more so if you were to have them printed out on a fine paper.

    • Hello stranger! Thanks for such positive thoughts, it means a lot and it’s good of you to say. I really must research into papers, I vowed I would last time you suggested it, and never got round to it, this time I will!

  2. Color choices in French hospitals are ghastly, in my experience. The room I spent 7 hours in for each chemo treatment for six months was pale, cool green and horrible, deep-red purple. Would make you gag even without the chemo.

    • Thanks Philippa, it’s good of you to visit! I didn’t know you had a blog too so now, seeing that you have, I’ve been reading some of your posts, very interesting and inspiring, the sellotape one in particular! Glad to see you have some good exhibitions lined up, good luck. xxL

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