Spring and colourful decor.

The cranes have started flying north, a lovely surprise on St Valentine’s Day (Graham’s birthday), signalling that Spring is on it’s way. Frosty mornings and warm sunny days are on the menu at the moment, with primroses and violets flowering, daffodils about to bloom, and buds developing on the trees. So it’s been warm enough to stand and sketch the local donkeys, they’re very happy to pose for me.









We visited a couple of friends recently, and they gave me permission to show some pics of their uniquely decorated house. They’ve created a wonderful place to live, full of colour and artefacts,  masses of collections of dinky toys, tins, displayed in custom-made shelves.  Quirky indian furniture, settees groaning with colourful cushions to sprawl on in comfort. The rooms are beautifully decorated with cutouts and designs, nothing escapes their decorative paintbrush or resists their artistic eye. The crowning glory is this tower room, so cleverly constructed and painted, a riot of gay colour: it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s left a lasting impression and provided me with plenty of inspiration.

colour sketches:







10 thoughts on “Spring and colourful decor.

  1. Thank you for including photos of your friends’ house. How refreshingly different and colorful it is. What a stimulating place for you to stay. MLCLMX 👍🏼😀🌷🌺🌹

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  2. Oh I have just realized that following the photos of your friends’ house there are some lovely colored sketches from you. You are very prolific with your artwork. Good for you. MLCLMX ⚜️🇫🇷⚜️

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  3. Wow! How lovely to see our pad (and me, I believe,) appearing in your fab new paintings. Love the donkeys, too! Charlie xx

    • Thanks Phil, all I ever seem to do is sketching these days, I must do some proper paintings soon! Have you seen the cranes in Germany or Kent? (I’m never quite sure where you are!)

      • Yes, I do flit lol, but it’s Berlin I’ve seen them , they’re a fine sight. I’m the same regarding finding time to do some painting too Liz – where does the time go!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely things to enjoy!!! Beautiful donkeys!!! and painting too. LOVE your friends arrangements,who did the wall deco? Are they artists?Must find Alecs dinkies but not sure he will get around to making shelves, so forget about that perhaps?? I did have a lovely Valentine card as always and we went to San Sebastien for the day. Superb weather and the town looked great with no works going on for once. Superb Mimosa this year!!! lots love Sue xxxx        

    • Hello basquebabe! Yes one is a professional artist, the other has an artistic and creative eye. Glad you enjoyed San Sebastien. The mimosa trees round here are still struggling, the little yellow powder puffs are on hold because we are still getting very frosty mornings. I can’t wait for that unique perfume to fill the air.xxxL

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