Bio: I’m an artist living, working and exhibiting in the Dordogne? I trained at Southend Art School in the late sixties. I then had a career painting and occasionally designing sets in rep theatre (Palace Theatre, Westcliff) and opera, (the Welsh National Opera Company). I left the Welsh National Opera Company in 1989, after 16 years as Head Scenic Artist, to pursue my first love: painting, together with the romantic idea of seeking my muse in the south of France, where I have been for many years. I mainly work in oils and watercolour, my themes are various subjects : interiors, landscapes, still life and portraits. I enjoy all aspects of artistic endeavour, and I have been lucky enough to make a living painting trompe l’oeils and murals, designing chandeliers, furniture, ornate mirrors etc., mainly for owners of châteaux and country houses, sometimes restaurants and hotels. I have a very talented husband who can realise my 3-D designs, as he is able to apply himself to anything: be it woodwork, metalwork, stonemasonry, electrics ..... I also paint frescoes, murals and trompe l'oeil to commission. http://www.lizkingsangster.com

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