Still at it!

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been attending online art sessions and classes, and I’m totally hooked! On my 70th birthday last year, because of restrictions I was unable to do anything special to celebrate, so as a pressie to myself (selfish I know) I promised myself that if I saw something I wanted to buy I would buy it, (as long as it was within reason of course!) So, after buying myself an Aran jumper,  I continue to sign up to various art courses. I’m still enjoying them immensely, some are free drawing sessions via zoom, some are paid online courses working along with the tutor, watching and using their work practice, it’s been stimulating, gratifying and thoroughly inspiring. 

I’m not sure whether I’ve changed my own work practice as a consequence, because when I paint I still seem to paint the same way as ever, but I’m not concerned because it’s all about accumulating knowledge isn’t it?

Here’s  a range of recent sketches, some from courses, some not.

Some sketches from last week’s drawing session with @drawingisfree _org, (by the way anyone can join this free Monday morning 1 hour session, so if you feel like hooking up its at 9am Paris time) all sketches have 3-4 minutes limit, depending on the songs played to accompany them.

Yesterday I did a drawing session run by Ilker Cinarel at, tutoring us through the way Picasso drew and painted, here of some of mine

and lastly a charcoal drawing of Polo, my friend’s rescue dog Polo from Roumania. He was caged all his life, he’s about six, deaf and very happy with his mum and dad who’ve had him a few months now.

He’s a beautiful brute of a white boxer, and has a gold medal in sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Still at it!

  1. Nothing selfish about giving yourself a present. I miss you so.

    I think your work is changing. Love the portraits. They are more full, if that makes sense. Love the color.

    This will end, the pandemic, and we will have picnics again and drink wine together. I have to believe this. Love you Lizzie. Nancy

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    • I miss you too Nancy, we’ve turned into hermits since covid invaded our lives, we rarely see anyone these days, and tend to keep to the same bubble of local friends when we do. Its not as if Beaumont is that far either !! And then in the summer we’re all so busy with visitors we never see any friends either! We must rearrange what’s important in our lives, the months have turned into years…..
      Thanks for your comment, I’m certainly doing more drawing and sketching, which I love. I love painting too but I get more stressed by it, especially when it doesn’t go to plan ( which always appears to be the case!!)
      I’m looking forward to our next picnic, fondest love from Liz xxxxx

  2. Thanks Liz! lovely drawings as always and I like the Picasso figures very much! love Sue. PS forgot to say the Polo one is gorgeous!

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