I’ve started doing a once monthly course for 4 months, on abstraction with artist Liz Hough, https://www.schoolofpainting.co.uk,. I’m working from the image of an old painting I ruined. ( I have a large stock of those, I might add!) Luckily I took a photo at a stage when I felt it was going in the right direction. These are my first efforts working in charcoal, getting to know the painting again. 

The coloured one is the photo of my old painting before I ruined it. The others are worked in charcoal, graphite, pastel black and acrylic white. Investigating mark making and playing with images from the original. These are just a few:

And a wonderful sight on my walk the other day, mimosa against a deep blue sky, reminiscent of the colours of Ukraine.

Then the weekly 1 hour Monday morning drawing session from this Monday, again in Ukraine’s colours, because it’s rather difficult to do anything without thinking of the suffering of those brave souls.

The cranes started flying south a couple of weeks ago, and spring flowers are peeking through, a bit of cheer for worrying times.


4 thoughts on “Abstraction

  1. Lovely abstracted landscape drawings, Lizzie. I mourn the loss of the lovely painting, but might you return to it, work over the top and find something of what was lost? And something new, too? I’m betting there are some good bits in it, still, that could be salvaged.

    • If I can find it ( you know the state of my studio!) I certainly will work on it again, in fact this course is inspiring me to do so, so many ideas there’s not enough time in the day, I think I’ll have to stop eating! xxxL

  2. I’m certainly inspired by your revisit of the abstract landscape! Brava! May I suggest you would find a kindred spirit/aesthetic in the work of American painter, Will Henry Stevens (1881-1949). A gøøgle search will reward you greatly! And, by all means, carry on with your figure exercises. They are wornderful, too!

    • Thanks Anita, I’ll look him up, sounds interesting. I did a webinar on how Diebenkorn work a few months ago, working alongside a tutor unpicking his method, very interesting, it all adds fuel!

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