3 month catch-up!

Well I’ve been away from my wordpress site for a while now, partly because of having a busy summer with holiday visitors, all of whom were French because of Macron asking the French people not to go abroad and to holiday in their own country. Thank goodness this was so because all bookings from would be UK visitors were cancelled. 

We found it rather nerve-wracking with the responsibility of providing sanitised accommodation, and sanitised absolutely everything, all surfaces, dishes, cutlery, pans whether it had been used or not. This involved firstly not going into the gîte for 3 hours after the visitors left, (as advised by the booking website). Masking and gloving up to strip beds of dirty laundry, steam-cleaning all soft furnishings, and bleaching absolutely everything , and we also had to leave 24 hours between guests, which made the lengths of stay staggered and all over the place, and not the usual Saturday to Saturday, rather a logistical conundrum.

Anyway that’s all over now, and I must say I was rather relieved when it came to an end, I realised I’d been on tenterhooks most of the summer because many visitors came from lockdown cities desperate to get away, thereby I spent all summer worrying if we’d either catch it or spread it! 

Restrictions lifted enough for our artists association ASASA to have our exhibition in St Avit Senieur during the summer months, again all masked up with pots of sanitiser everywhere. 

In September I created my Instagram account and have been busily posting photos there, another reason for not keeping this blog updated.

Here are a few works I exhibited, a couple of the charcoal tree drawings were accompanied by my poem/observations, which a very dear French friend kindly translated into French for me. In fact they sounded better in French than in English because she is an accomplished writer herself, step forward Sylvaine!!

Clive’s tree. Charcoal on canvas 80 x 100cm

Spring morning through the forest. Oil on panel, 60 x 30 cm

3 sweet sisters . Charcoal on canvas, 70 x 90 cm
Diva. Charcoal on canvas, 80 x 100cm

2 beetroot from my crop of 4.
Oil on canvas, 20×20 cm

That old chestnut 1. Oil on panel 70 x 30 cm
Two. Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 cm
Pensive statue. Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm

My studio and the cherry tree. Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm

That old chestnut 2. Charcoal on canvas 80×100 cm


8 thoughts on “3 month catch-up!

  1. Sounds like a hard working summer. But Wow, what a lot of lovely drawings/paintings, your artistic voice is growing much clearer.and confident:
    I shall try find you on Instagram :))

  2. My oh my You have been busy. Lovely sketches, Liz. We trust you two are well, as are we here C De Labarde.

    Nervously anticipating the USA election with everything crossed for a heavy loss for Herr Trump. If it’s another win for him – on top of a total french Coronavirus lockdown, I shall be verr verr cross and stamp my feet.



    • That’s all we can do, it’s all in the control of the gods, I think they are having a whale of a time thinking up the next disaster for humankind. But then, if they’re siding with the planet and all that is not human, maybe they’re getting it right!

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