Autumn glows to Winter blues.

I’ve been rather negligent with posting blogs this year, whatever happened to my intention to do so once a month? One reason is that I’ve had far less trompe l’œil and decor work this year, so I’ve had fewer interesting topics to post about. I suppose I could have been tempted to write about cleaning, laundry, gardening and dog walking, however, other than applying the art of zen to these chores there’s nothing inspirational in the hum drum!

 I have been painting and sketching when I get a moment, sometimes on the ipad, sometimes on paper or canvas both in colour and charcoal, here are a few charcoal ones of our dog which I exhibited this year in the Galerie du Presbytère at St Avit Sénieur. I exhibit there every year being a permanent member of an Association of approximately 12-17 artists, (the number is fluid from year to year.)

and on the ipad:

Our summer was very busy with guests and visitors, then THE KNEE (Grahams op to have a prosthetic knee, ) took over both our lives in the autumn months. Its been an interesting foray into the French health system, we’ve been lucky to be healthy since we’ve been here these last 30 years, so we haven’t had much experience of it apart from visits to the dentist.

Needless to say there’s loads of paperwork involved, unlike my memories of the NHS where someone else seems to do all the organising and admin. Here you are far more involved, finding your own specialists after seeing GP, (as he doesn’t tell you who to go to. ) 

Whichever professional you choose, he/she hands you your results, which are your responsibility, heart tests, X-rays, blood tests, physiotherapist, etc if not straight away, at least within a few days. You also have to sort out buying bandages, antiseptics, crutches, splints, painkillers, icepacks etc etc, prior to surgery. Graham arrived at the hospital with a suitcase full of products! Graham’s projected full recovery stretches to the end of January, so hopefully we’ll be Scottish dancing again on Burns Night!

On a lighter note the colours this autumn have been magnificent, rich in chromes, russets and golds, morning walks through a golden forest were quite magical. A few photos :

and our mulberry tree, we planted this 11 year old in 1995, so he’s now the grand age of 35!

I enclose our Christmas card to wish you seasons greetings or to print on to A4 paper if you feel like doing a bit of DIY, and fold along the dotted lines to make the card. 

Wishing you “joyeuses fêtes” and good health and happiness in 2020.


10 thoughts on “Autumn glows to Winter blues.

  1. Hello Sangster Beings, Many Ho How’s to you both including a special healthy giving HoHo to hop – a- long. It was chew the cud with you this year and meet the hound and find his ball for him. Wishing you both a fulfilling and joyous 2020. Love and more David and Vivvy

    • Thanks Lily! I love your work too, although I keep missing your posts, they refuse to come to my inbox for some reason, even though I clicked on follow long ago, so I have a little binge every once in a while, in fact it’s time to binge again right now! Here’s wishing you a Great Christmas and a very and healthy new year, with my very best wishes, liz

      • Thank you in turn, Liz. I wonder why the follow button doesn’t send posts to you. One of life’s mysteries! Great holiday and New Year to you. Lily

      • Yes, and I’ve clicked the follow button 3 times….I’ll try again! Yours isn’t the only one either, maybe it’s my devices. Thanks again , all the best, L

  2. Hi Liz…I’ve been out of the loop a bit too but it’s lovely to come here and find those fabulous charcoals of your dog (who looks gorgeous, by the way,….a bit of lurcher in there?)…and the photos and ipad work. Very best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Shellie x

    • Hi Shellie, good to hear from you! Yes, the days of blogging daily are well and truly gone, I suspect blogging is even possibly a bit old hat these days, but it suits me fine, especially as I don’t do Facebook or Instragram. And yes Gypsy does have lurcher in her, maybe even setter although she was described as mainly collie on the dog’s home Website. She’s over 3 years old and we’ve had her a year now; she’s great fun, always so playful. Thanks for the seasons greetings, have fun too yourself, and a healthy decade ahead. xLiz

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