Autumn visits

After a few days visiting friends at their house by the Midi canal, and others in the Aveyron region, I am left with fond memories of wining, dining and chatting alfresco in the intense autumn sunshine, of wandering round Narbonne, long walks along the canal, strolling round local villages and viewing the new sights; the break has given me plenty of inspiration from which to feed.







Funnily enough this time last year we were actually boating on the Oxford canal in a narrowboat, these are the wider boats of the midi canal, les peniches.






“Salt dunes” near Gruissan, a fishing village between 2 lagoons, we saw flamingos as well as salt









Minerve, the ancient Cathar village at the top of the gorge of the river Cesse.








The cave below Minerve, which will forever remind me of the raging toothache I was suffering from, I felt I had descended into the depths of my tooth cavity. A recent discussion with Judith has rekindled an old interest in Haiku poetry, thus I was inspired to write this Haiku poem,  not the best, but it conveys my memories of that day, which ended going to urgence in the local hospital! ….called  Below Minerve:

Yawning sunlit gorge

writhes downward through glare then gloom:

cavern throbs with cairns.


(I have since written a few more, which I will post later, I think I am hooked on Haiku, in fact, so much so that I am thinking of coupling them with paintings)



These cairns are built by any visitors who happen by, they give this cathedral-like space a feeling of spirituality



and a couple of sketches:


IMG_1205 IMG_1204


everything we visited reminded me of decaying teeth! Even the dolmen encircled by parasol trees, surrounded by wild-thyme-covered hills:






6 thoughts on “Autumn visits

  1. Oh what a beautiful place, Minerve! Drawing at every turn I should imagine. (And it’s good to see that you did some lovely drawings, even with your raging toothache. Hope you’ve been able to sort that out now.)

    Sending love from Wales.

    • It is a magical beautiful place indeed, and as you say, it was difficult to refrain from stopping every five minutes to draw, I took many photos though. Referring to The Tooth, he ( and I am sorry to say he is a he) lies dormant as I write, I’m waiting to see the dentist, hey ho…with love from the Dordogne,xxL

  2. Another lovely post, Liz. Your trip to the Canal du Midi bought back memories of a lovely holiday we had a couple of years ago in l’Herault which seemed to trace your steps. Lovely part of France. Loved your poem and it sent me running to M. Google to find out what the devil a Haiku poem was. I now feel educated as well as entertained.

  3. Fabbo pics,Liz, (Might have to go there!) and not a bad attempt at Haiku! Al’s tooth is ok but he has just booked a dentist appointment so that probably means there’s trouble ahead. All well this end but working harder than ever – my kids at school are writing poetry coincidently! Big hug – only about ten months until the summer holidays! Lots of love, Charlie xx

    • Yes it’s beautiful, in fact most of France is, there so much more to see. My Haiku is in its infancy I know, but I enjoy the challenge. Aha, Al’s and my tooth run in tandem, although I think I will beat him to the Extraction, tell him good luck from me!hugs to you tooxxxxL

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