2019 and counting…….

Happy New Year again, I hope it’s started well for you. Christmas is packed away now, here are some of our precious hand-made tree decorations carefully packed in their golden box.

Trompe l’œil

The most recent trompe l’œil I painted not long ago was a commission for a friend’s big birthday. His children wanted something that is meaningful to him, with a nod to family folklore included. 

Here it is evolving into the finished “shelf”,  I’ve blurred names on the books for privacy purposes.

chalking out positions on to a stretched canvas, to which I’ve previously given a pale sepia wash
tentatively putting in first colours, I seem to have fixated on detailing the goons cd!
the finished “shelf” painted on canvas approx 30×70

New doggie

We’re getting used to Gypsy Rose now, especially now her health is better. It wasn’t easy nursing another dog and wondering whether she would pull through so soon after Meggie’s death, but she seems to be a toughie, and, dare I say it, she’s on top form at last, despite being an intrepid scavenger.

 She’s such an interesting shape, long and sinewy in body, her legs long are and lanky; and she’s a fast runner indicating there’s lurcher or whippet in her ( she was described as a collie cross on the dog rescue website, hmmmmm……..). 

She has earned a couple of nicknames, one being “Bendy-Bus”, because she seems to bend at right-angles when lying down,  another “Mange-tout” because that’s what she does, and “Clumsy” because that’s what she is! When at rest she sometimes folds up her legs like a well-practised origami expert.

Her long form is wonderful to draw, here are some recent sketches.


8 thoughts on “2019 and counting…….

  1. Another lovely post Liz. Thank you. We were impressed by the sketches of Gypsy Rose (didn’t the original owner of the name … with an extra Lee ,,, specialise in artistic disrobing? How did you decide on the name?) and very intrigued by the trompe l’oeil which I must say looks remarkably like a canvas we have on the kitchen wall and which I’m looking at, as I type. Well perhaps not quite as I type otherwise it might be chfernlly nhg ftdnkon bgyhut. Extremely impressive.

    We’re really looking forward to Burns Night, as I know, are George and Andy.



    • Ha ha John, obviously you’re not touch typing! Gypsy already had her name when we got her, but we added Rose because she’s a pretty little thing, and left out the Lee because she’s quite prim and proper ( if you ignore the usual doggie habits which I won’t go into here!)
      We’re looking forward to Burns night too, addressing the vegetarian haggis etc, I wonder what Rabbie would have thought about that?
      See you soon XxL

  2. The Christmas decorations are very special. I take it that you made them.
    The canvas for your client’s birthday is beautifully executed and I am sure he will love it.
    Great sketches too of “bendy Wendy” she sounds quite a character. I look forward to meeting her again.

  3. oh Liz, what wonderful drawings of your new doggy. Looking forward to meeting her.
    Happy new year, little late, but still very much sincerely meant!

  4. Wonderful post Liz. So glad Gypsy has recovered. I’ll have to tell you a story about a friend who was assistant director in the 1959 Gypsy production on Broadway. Love connections. Hope to see you soon. ND xxxx

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