Pictures from another exhibition

I have just packed up the remaining unsold works, with the help of stalwart friend Marilyn, (thanks once again, dear friend,) and dismantled my stand at the 7th Salon Metiers et Arts at Château Monbazillac. At the end of the last day, from the castle hilltop I gazed at the panoramic vista of the Dordogne valley, bathed in dazzling spring sunshine, not a cloud in sight, and  feeling incredibly lucky to live and work in this magnificent, historic area; I feel privileged to exhibit in a venue such as this.

The château:



The exhibition building to the right of the château:




The view, (it was a bit cloudy the first day):IMG_9491


The 4 day event was extremely busy, with hordes of people flowing through the exhibition halls in rhythmic waves. Every year as I sit at my stand, I am provided with a nonstop stream of people to watch;  it gives me the opportunity to do some quick sketching as they wander through, examining artisanal wares, deciding whether to buy this item of jewellery, that ceramic pot, those hand blown glasses, or order a handcrafted wood table here, a chandelier there. It is busy and vibrant, and I enjoy meeting the other artists and artisans. Having said that, after participating in 4 of the Salons, I am going to give it a rest next year; it requires a lot of work, and is very tiring (we all agree on this )  so.. it’s time for me to have a year off.

Here are some of the fifty or so sketches I did at this year’s Salon, one day I intend to paint some works inspired by these. Sorry about the quality of the photos, something seems to have happened to my camera:


Happy and unhappy dogs, these are 3 from hundreds that were dragged round the expo!















Muriel, one of the jewellers, dressed in interesting garb: patchwork bloomers,  fake leopard skin bootees,  studded leather jacket and “Dame Edna” glasses, she had the stand directly in front of me resulting in numerous sketches of her….






























some visitors:





































These men did not want to be at the jewellery stands, let alone spend any money! :
















A couple of paintings from those I exhibited:

Wisteria flower in a Ricard jug, 15 x10



Norfolk fields 24×30





And an example of my trompe-l’œil work: the toy cupboard which I completed by the skin of my teeth in time for the expo. Later I think I will add a skipping rope hanging from the right door handle. This is 40 x 60 cm



Now it’s time to get the garden tidied up, spring-clean the house and do a heap of ironing ready for this year’s first B&B guests, who arrive on Saturday……… never a dull moment!

10 thoughts on “Pictures from another exhibition

  1. Oh Liz, what an idyllic location. That toy cupboard is FANTASTIC. It wouldn’t matter if there were no toys inside, as the front would suffice. You are beyond clever. Love the sketchbook studies too.

    Hope there were some sales for you, though I know that your presence there may lead to later work/commissions, and you will have been pro-active in handing out your business cards and flyers.

    Sending love from Wales.

    • Thanks so much, Clive for taking time out to comment, I know you are extremely débordé as they say here. You have given me an idea, maybe I will paint an empty cupboard next time, it would be quicker! Love from Wales is precious to me, sending love back to Wales from France!xL

  2. Wow, what an amazing location, and what glorious weather; yes, you are lucky to live and work somewhere so special Liz! I do love your sketches, free and lively and they all catch something very particular about each subject, they could go into a book all by themselves – I love those books of sketches and studies by Emmanuel de Guibert and your drawing reminds me of those, lovely! Beautiful painting of the toy cupboard too.

  3. Comme d ‘ habitude LIZ … Tu avais l 😃😀😄l ‘un des plus beaux stands …I am .so happy for you when you make such great sketches .. I love your Little comments …too .. Bises nicole

  4. Hi Liz! I’m trying to get to grips with this iPad am managing to follow your blog and have also tried to send messages but don’t think I succeeded think about you a lot love to Graham too. Angharad x

    • Hi Angharad, don’t worry, it’s all a bit of a minefield until you get used to it! I still cannot add a blogroll to the blog, so I have a “blogs I follow” list, rather pathetic really, I must work out how to do it! Have fun at Clive’s exhibition , you lucky things, how I envy you…….xL

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