it’s rather late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m not even going to mention politics or viruses, there’s plenty of discussion on that…..

Over Christmas and into the New Year I did a series of illustrations on the twelve days of Christmas, it was a daily exercise and it corresponded with the actual 12 days of Christmas. It all started with the zoom linocutting course I did in late November last year, when I drew out an idea for the 3 French hens to cut and print a Christmas card. I had to it narrow down to one French hen because the design was too detailed for the size of block. This sparked off  a desire to illustrate the whole Christmas carol.

Now my plan is to make and print some linocuts of each drawing, but they will need some modification in order to make the best use of the beauty of linocutting, as I’m a complete novice, having only cut and printed one in my whole life, I’ve been browsing all sorts of artists styles and methods to the point of dreaming of them!

here are the twelve illustrations:

and a reminder of the the linocut, so you can see how much work I’m giving myself!:

I’ve found a French version of the Christmas Carol, with different things happening, I may do that as well….oh there’s not enough time in the day!


14 thoughts on “it’s rather late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Well done for you for not mentioning the un- mentionables.

    Laughter is essential,so here’s a little story

    The series All Creatures Great and Small which I am sure you know ,about a Yorkshire vets practice in the 30’s is a surprising runaway success in the states.

    People were asked why and said ,”well the cows never die and nothing much else happens.

    So thats what appeals in this weird Times.

    Xx + Love to the Dear Chap too David

  2. Oh I miss you and your art. They are wonderful! I will have to look up a linocot but I love them and your sense of humor. Hello to Graham. Love and miss you so much. Belinda

    • Hi Belinda! Glad to see you’ve survived the politics and the virus so far! It’s been a fascinating time watching everything unfold in the US. Keep well and safe xx

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