It’s February already!

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas has been and gone and January as well! Here in our area of France they tend to leave Christmas decorations up in January, so for the first time since we’ve been here I left our Christmas decorations up until the Burns Night 25th January as we celebrate that as well. I’ve decided I only risk bad luck if I’m in Britain by not taking them down on 12th night. It was nice and cheery having the tree there in the corner with its precious cargo of handmade decorations (gifts from good friends Clive and Peter). January is such a grey and bleak month it made a difference by brightening up the house for longer.

I’ve been continuing to do the hourly speed drawing sessions which are now twice every Monday, 9a.m. and 6pm Paris time, run by Chloe of drawingisfree_org , I’ve been taking part for more than a couple of years now, it’s become very popular with artists from all over the globe taking part. A reminder that anyone can take part, you may get chosen to pose but that’s no hardship as it’s only for a few minutes, and you get to practise speed drawing at least 12-14 portraits each time, just find the zoom link on Chloe’s website and come and join us!

Here below are a few from the last couple of weeks and below that a snow scenes from La Crabouille. Wishing all who read this a very Happy Peaceful New Year!


4 thoughts on “It’s February already!

  1. I love your ‘salon’ at Christmas, with it’s tartan ribbons and candlesticks, Christmas cottage ‘night-lights’ and handsome, towering tree. With guests staying Christmas week I put up the tree in the dining room, hung it with tinsel, lights and baubles, and swagged the room with greenery and Polish carved and painted birds. It looked entrancing, but perhaps the guests were preoccupied with other things – it had been a difficult year – and no-one seemed to notice or remark on it. Never mind. I loved it, and I know you would have, too. How wintry and twilit La Crabouille looks in the blue cast of the snow. I wish I were wandering through it with you and our dogs. Sending a February embrace to warm you.

    • You do have such a lovely way with words, I can picture your lovely house in its festive state! Your decorations sound lovely, all that effort for not so long a time, which is why I reverted to the French way as least we can appreciate it for longer! thanks for your warm wishes, yes and one day we’ll walk together with our canine friends xxx

  2. Hi Liz,

    Looks great! I just decided a few ways ago to try to get good at doing portraits and this sounds perfect. I just joined at group and now I’m confused about the time. It easy the next session it at 1:00PM today. Am I maybe in the wrong group? 🤣

    Hugs, Ellie

    4 out of 3 people struggle with math.


    • Hi Ellie, it’s probably not the same group. The drawingisfree one is on Mondays, there’s one called pencils4tea, I’ve never done that one that’s Tuesday, then there’s another on Thursdays ( can’t remember but it’s run from S. Africa). I would think the group you’ve joined will do just as well, you should see what it’s like! There are quite a few out there I think.

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