Last of the Inktober Challenges

Here are my final eleven daily sketches in response to the prompts provided by whoever runs Inktober. They must be American because there were a couple of words I didn’t understand like bluff where we would use cliff, and booger where we would say bogey.


12 thoughts on “Last of the Inktober Challenges

  1. Liz, your brain hums, the ink flows, and you have created a stream of delightful drawings! I hope you plan to assemble them into a book for it would be very, very popular! Thanks for allowing us these glimpses!!

    • Aw thanks Anita, they’re fun to do, maybe I will think about a book, it’s always good to do new projects. I’ve done small printed books through those photo book printing companies like Bonusprint, maybe I’ll try Amazon self publishing, sigh, yet another thing to learn….! PS the drawings are all realised with the excellent digital pen you sent me a few years ago, so thanks once again! x

    • Ha ha you’re right! Unfortunately it died this year, it’s completely kaput, after 32 years loyal service with us and 30 plus years from the farmer who sold it to us for £50!

  2. Well done Liz – they’re superb. You can see how a story could emerge that connects the set of images. Xx john

  3. Sweet talented Lizzy, I so enjoyed your inktober with you, for I am sure you enjoyed making the drawings. I should join you next year! x

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