October challenges

I did the Inktober challenge again this year, a drawing every day inspired by a daily word prompt. I was a few days into October when I started but I managed to do a fresh drawing every day for 31 days.

I posted them daily on Instagram, but I thought it high time to write a blog having been so absent and neglectful, so here are the first 8. These were all drawn on the iPad. I find it easier use Gypsy as a common denominator for the word prompts, then at least there’s something to launch an idea from, the words being so random it gave me something to hook on to. I couldn’t decide which drawing for “Gargoyle” so posted them both. “Scurry” is Gypsy stealing my cherry tomatoes from the veggie patch, she loves them!

And I drew a silly little cartoon below which was sparked by the recent protests:


10 thoughts on “October challenges

  1. Well You worked really hard at the inktober challenge. I imagine you are pleased that the commitment is now over.



  2. Ah, Liz, what a great way to start the day! I have a huge smile on my face after looking at your Inkober Challenge. I really think you should turn these joyful drawings of Gypsy into a book and weave a short story around them!

  3. What a great series Liz. They had me chuckling and smiling through the month .:)))
    Pity there isn’t an Inkvember.
    You really could do a booklet or long concertina folding drawing booklet. My nephew Jonathan Farr sometimes does that with his Looong urban city scapes.

    • yes I like the idea of a concertina, although what happens if to make a mess of the last drawing?!!!
      I’ve seen your nephews work, its amazing , such detail and patience!

      • I am sure you can assemble the images one by one for the printing file till you get them just . My local Giclee printers format is 24″ wide I think (Possiblt wider) times any length.. So you could lay several side by side *i.e. 6″ x 4).Then the printer prints prints the length, guillotines them into the strips 30 drawings long I think that’s iis how it works.

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