A few sketches and suchlike

Time flies by at such a rate these days, my last post was in April when we were still running the wood burner central heating and here we are in June, suffering “la Canicule”.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the Monday morning drawing sessions, but I’ve missed a few recent ones as something keeps coming up of a Monday morning, a few here from April and May:

Then a couple of ipad paintings:

a few colour sketches in acrylic:

Canal boat and bridge
Spring flowers
Capturing a Spring garden
the lock gate at Tuilières

Lake at Lanquais

And lastly, I’ve been doing an abstract art course with artist Liz Hough at St Ives School of painting, a monthly online session in March, April, May and July with work to be done in between times.

One session was on monoprinting. I’ll probably show the work I’ve been doing on the whole course later, but meanwhile I thought I’d spin off into the world of monoprinting. I’m not sure this is “me” or not I’ll only find out by doing more….

Ground work for the following monoprint
More finishing touches to come, but I’m letting it “proof” like a good sourdough, maybe its best left alone.


8 thoughts on “A few sketches and suchlike

  1. Instagram Instagram.com/hilstranterart

    Hi Liz,
    Since you mention Penzance in Cornwall, I thought I would tell you that I have a half niece, who is a full-time painter and operates from near Saint Ives. Her Instagram etc notes are above, in case you are interested. M.

  2. Hey Liz, you are so talented and I love the way you use the digital to expand your possibilities. I am very much looking forward to seeing the work for real, which will be soon, end of July! I am especially interested in the monoprints, as I tried to push my students in that direction.
    As you see on my Instagram I work on my collages/drawings and I found a place to submit some of them in a competition for an exhibition. So now out of the millions, I have to choose 3… pffhaha
    Anyway thanks for sharing your work as always it looks great, exciting the abstract direction…
    hugs and kisses, marie claire

    • Thanks dear Marie-Claire, really looking forward to seeing you again! Hey brilliant for the competition, I guess you’ll just have to toss a coin, I can’t believe how many you’ve done over the years, you are sooooo disciplined with your daily art! See you soon xxxxxx L

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