The Isolation Art Challenge 2

The Isolation Art Challenge continues with 25,700+ members! The organisers ( have ditched the idea of calling the themes Day 1 Day 2 etc, they’re just staying with theme titles. They’ve relaxed the “rules” and you can pick and choose from the 60 themes for 60 days, doing as many as you like or as few, however, even though I couldn’t keep up with Daily Painting for the challenge I’ll continue to do the themes in consecutive order.

My first efforts were drawings, see the post before last, and now after receiving a yummy box of soft pastels I’ve turned to colour. Sorry it’s a bit blurred…

So here is Theme 5…GIFT:

The wee vase was a gift from a very dear friend of mine, a “frontline “ nurse, I wish and hope she’ll remain safe. Pastels are new to me and I’ve have been longing to open this new box I gifted myself a few weeks ago, they looked so delicious untouched and neatly laid out I didn’t want to spoil them. I opened my precious box for this theme, being used to mixing my own colours with oils or watercolour, I feel some frustration because the colours are much brighter than I would normally use, but I will persevere now the spell of the pristine new box is broken:

The left one is on white paper, the one on the right on brown card.

6. Theme….TWO. Graham’s socks on the washing line. Pastels on tinted recycled paper, 30x42cm. My second attempt using my yummy looking pastels, I now realise you can’t make a wrong move too often, some can be rubbed, worked over and smudged away but if a clean line is needed and you get that wrong it shows!

Theme 7….MATERIAL. My subject is a laundry wash of work clothes plus an old cover. This time I mixed materials by starting off with acrylics on recycled paper, giving myself the added restriction of just 3 primary colours plus black and white, (using rose, lemon and ultramarine) then adding soft pastels once dry, I tried to restrict to 3 colours here but gradually and inevitably reached for more, I now understand why they sell enormous and expensive boxes of different colours!


19 thoughts on “The Isolation Art Challenge 2

  1. Love your work – especially Graham’s socks! Have you been watching Grayson Perry on Monday nights “Grayson’s Art Club” Channel 4 – great series. Love Stel x

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks Donna, it’s good of you to say, but you forget your own great talents in different fields, thank goodness we’re not all the same! I feel humbled by your envy but it’s totally unwarranted! Lots of love to you too! xxL

  2. Oh Lizz the colours are so bright and I love that! often when my students work with soft pastels they smudge it and that makes the colour fade and everything becomes blurry brown…. Hahaha you proved my point, I will show your work to the students as a good and wonderful example! When I will be able to have physical classes again, digital art education sucks big time!
    Isn’t it wonderful to have kind of an (almost) daily rhythm in creating for fun? I still love it every day; when Paul goes up to write I dive in my drawing/collaging playtime. haha I am an addict, to the best drug there is!
    Big hugs and kissis from a cold and dreary Rotterdam.

    • Ah, you say such supportive things! It must be hard giving classes so remotely, I do hope your lockdown will unlock up soon for you.
      You are the Queen of daily painting , it’s incredible how you’ve kept it up, but as you say addiction has a lot to do with it! Love to Paul and you from an equally cold and dreary Dordogne, bizzzzzzxxxxxL 😘

      • the lock is turning open a bit here, we can even sit on terraces and we can do outdoors sports…as if… :-[]
        and maybe some museums open their doors sshht … maybe.
        the kindergartens and grade schools started with 1/2 groups per morning or afternoon. Universities stay closed at least until September and nobody knows what will happen then. So I will be the queen of online art education hahaha. which I don’t aspire, but well we are all in the same boat, so no use complaining hahaha.
        kissis marie

      • Well it sounds a bit better, sorry you will have to continue teaching online though. But you are strong and a happy person, you will push through it! Biz Liz

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