and March hared by…

I missed my personal target of blogging once a month, never mind I’ll do 2 this month….. that’s if I have anything to blog about!

My most recent commission was for a “fresco”, a painting really, but painted into plaster on board which resembles a fresco, so that it can be moved if necessary; the client was quite definite about what she wanted. Here are the various stages up to the final piece, it’s 1m x 1.60. 

The first image is my iPad sketch for her approval:

Meanwhile I’ve been immersing myself in the practice of doing colour sketches, it gives me less angst than planning a painting, is more pleasurable, even though I could say there’s no sense of achievement.

the lock keepers cottage, Tuillières
the lock keepers cottage 2, Tuillières

the lock keepers cottage 3 ……………………………………………………… our arch

view from Beynac

and a couple of small paintings for good measure :

Spring Flowers, oil on canvas 15 x 15

1st stages and final stage, after much internal debate, (which is always what takes the time in a painting…another reason for sketching!) I changed the flower so it didn’t touch the top edge of the canvas.

nearby canal

acrylic on paper

14 thoughts on “and March hared by…

    • You’re always so kind to say Anita, thanks! I then had to look up your second emoji, for which I had to find out how to access emojis on my computer, once I found that out, I scrolled through them but couldn’t find yours, so I’ll take it as a positive one! Ah got it, hands clapping…..oh dear, how easy it is to get distracted these days….hope you are well, xL

    • Dearest Vivvy, you’re so kind to say that, but I could say the same for you!
      Hope all is well back in Wonder-What-the-Hell-is-Happening-Land, perhaps one day we will wake up from this and realise it was all a bad dream….

      • Well done Liz,
        Nice Fresco feel there. Have you ever done real fresco with raw pigment and Lime putty? I did a little test panel once, it works like magic.

        And lovely paintings. sketches, keep doing them. I like them all. 🙂

  1. Very nice work Liz. I showed it to John and he thinks the canal is extraordinary. I agree. Oddly, I like the flowers better when they touched the edge of the canvas, the top one. Good work! Miss you. We’ll be in touch soon. Getting better, but it’s been a rough six months.

  2. Stunning fresco Liz, and lots of lovely colour sketches. You may not have posted as often as you’d planned but one of your posts is packed full of work for about ten of most other posts (like mine lol) , wonderful stuff 😀

    • Thanks Phil, you’re always kind with your comments. I still haven’t commented on your last post because I wanted to watch the video, and haven’t got round to that yet! I wanted to take my time to see it properly …..

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