Goodbye to a dear friend.

It’s heartbreak time again……it’s not easy to see them go. They give us such joy these 4-legged souls whom we choose to have as companions. A lifetime to them it’s but a few years to us; however for all the emotional pain it causes I wouldn’t change it as I wouldn’t want them to outlive us. After 18 months during which we thought of renaming her Lazarus, as there were a few times we were close to saying goodbye, she has finally succumbed to the tumour on her brain.

So Meggie dog is the most recent furry friend we bid farewell to. She shared our lives for 13 years, and it’s going to be very hard to adjust to her death. Here’s a collage of the fun dog she was, who up until recently would be rolling in the grass with joy, racing round the pampas grass she commandeered from the beginning as a playpen where she hid all her toys, always running ahead on our walks, peering up into our faces if we happen to be sitting down comfortably, reclining on the settee, quietly laying on her bedding when we were on site at work, hiding in the bushes if there was a loud bang, or sitting calmly with a towel on her head after a wet and rainy walk; this year the wild flowers in our field were a picturesque background for the black and white collie we loved so much. 





Good old Meg, she was such fun….we chose her from the local dog’s home, she was 5 months old, and had been there since she was 2 months,  it took a while for her to relate to humans having spent her early days with other dogs, but once she trusted us she gave us nothing but joy, our faithful old hound now sleeps under the peach and cherry trees with Gem, Tessie, cats Smudge, Ciboulette, Moïse, Merrick and a few more I regret I can’t remember the names of, plus various chickens, cockerels and ducks……


22 thoughts on “Goodbye to a dear friend.

  1. Dear Liz and Graham. You both and Meggie have been in my thoughts. We send our love, Nancy and John

  2. Hi Liz

    so sorry to hear news of Meg. What a very sad time for you both. but it was lovely to read of the happy memories and how you found her, then gave her such a wonderful life for those 13 years. I bet its horrible at the moment, so many memories that come to you, moving through the day, like turning a corner, something in the corner of your eye, the silence and the break in the routine. no more walking down the stairs with eyes closed to let her out in the morning! We didn’t know her really at all, just that lovely lunch when she trembleded in fright, and knew how much she loved you and trusted you.

    I still even after all these years, occasionally ‘see’ a couple of cats at the foot of our bed then always remember the happy years they gave us.

    lots of love j xx


    • Thanks Judy, yes I still hear the clickety clack of her claws on the floor, my head whips round but there’s nothing there. 9 o’clock evening and morning will never be the same because that was time to give her the anti epilepsy pills, I keep thinking I ought to be doing something. It’ll take a while to let the memories fade….xL

  3. OH,how I feel for you both,we have experienced this piercing pain a few times when these wonderful spirits that have shared and joy filled our lives ,move on.
    Know how lucky you have been.


  4. Dear Liz and Graham, We are so sorry to hear dear old Meg is gone to doggie paradise which she richly deserves, never having done a mean thing in her life(unlike us humans!) and given years of Joy and pleasure to us all! She DID have a great life with you two!, it was her lucky day when you walked into the SPA. We will miss her too , your home will feel so quiet for a while even tho she was the most discreet of dogs. So its down to Lucy to comfort you now, is she up to it?! I bet she will miss Meg, too! I will give you a ring soon, meanwhile much love from Sue and Alec RIP dear Meg. xxxxxxxxxx        

    lizkingsangster posted: “It’s heartbreak time again……it’s not easy to see them go. They give us such joy these 4-legged souls whom we choose to have as companions. A lifetime to them it’s but a few years to us; however for all the emotional pain it causes I wouldn’t change it as “

    • Thanks Sue, you knew her from the very beginning of her life with us, she loved her trips down to Pays Basque, running like the wind on the open beaches chasing the waves, another era has passed for us. It’s such an empty house without her, however the cat is in her element, at last she reigns as the Lady of the Manor! XxxL

  5. Oh very sorry Lizzie she was a much loved Woof who landed with her “bum in the butter” when you picked her out of the Woofer home to give you joy and love.SPINNING top here and looking forward to being at home-but it’s not yet.Stel x

    • thanks Stella, you’ve known all our dogs since we’ve been in France, and welcomed them to your home and for that we thank you. Hope your head stops spinning soon x L

  6. Hello Liz I’ve just found this in my junk folder I am very sorry to read about poor Maggie water shame we all get there in the end I suppose but it’s always a treat for shock and a sad loss of course I love and best wishes to you both from m& d

  7. Ah sweet Meggie, what a loss, and what an emptiness that must be. I am so sorry for you, it must be so weird to not have that sweet soul in and around the house. We both send Dutch comfort and loads of hugs and kissis. Although that can never fill the hole in your heart, at least it might give you some shelter.
    x marie claire and paul

  8. Wow. 13 years in heaven with her own personal archangels. And she thanked you with love. Perfect.

    Thanks for sharing her with us through your art.

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