Miscellaneous musings

Miscellaneous: when I find it hard to get to my studio because of juggling various jobs, (and when I do get there I struggle)  I give myself a break and paint the house instead. After painting outside doors and shutters, I turned my attention on the entrance which was looking rather tired, not surprising considering I painted it about 25 years ago, so I gave it a fresh lick of paint. Then because it looked too bland I added some frescoes to cheer it up a bit.


potsVersion 2Version 2



We bought an old buffet years ago, so I dug that out and livened it up with paint, that’s now sitting outside the kitchen as a useful storage space.




The finished piece:




Following a visit to the chiropractor to put my back into place after wrestling with the pull-start lawnmower:


Mother’s chair in the waiting room.

Once it was in pride of place

witness of golden days…and blue;

now it waits for those who wait,

adding style to a clinical space.


mothers chair


Musings: some paintings come together as though already formed in the ether and it’s just a matter of applying paint to canvas where it seems to paint itself.  Others refuse to understand your intentions, they’re foreigners who cannot speak your language, no matter how hard you try, it then becomes a one-sided battle, and in the end you just have to give up. I never give up without a fight though, occasionally this can pay off if you leave it to stew in a corner for a few weeks, months or even years, however it can also waste much precious time, so it’s all about knowing when to surrender the fight.

This painting of busy lizzies appeared to paint itself, size 24 x 30cm:






Lastly I can’t resist adding this photo of our rose bower, the Spring rains may have been tiresome but the roses loved them!






7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous musings

  1. Ah, ‘juggling’ , that’s a word that sums up life sometimes! But you’re getting some lovely painting done too Liz, that image of the Busy Lizzies is so great, it looks completely happy in itself, wish I could paint like that!

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