Winter solace.

Sunny days amidst the grey drear:  a couple of weeks ago we had friends staying so we took the opportunity of taking them on the local tourist trail. The weather was stunning the one day when visiting Domme, reminding us why we live here!



Distant views showing the flooded valley, we’ve had loads of rain this year:




View from Domme:



Unlike past times when we held huge Burns Nights, this year we had 2 quiet celebrations, one was lunch on the actual day and one the day after for our visiting friends, where Graham read out the Tam o’ Shanter by candlelight….




Certainly now, with the temperature well below zero (-8º last night) we are also wondering why we live here!!  Today it’s gloriously sunny again after a week of miserable grey dreich weather.

I’m still colour sketching, as I have no time for anything else, however it will be nice to have some fodder for use later.





Lastly, a pic of dear old Meggie after a wet walk; sadly she has developed epilepsy after her near-death illness last year, possibly due to the toxins from particular strains of bacteria, and/or the drugs they pumped her with.  Latterly her seizures happen more frequently ; anyway, it’s important that we live for each day and enjoy her company still. And who can resist her expressive face?




5 thoughts on “Winter solace.

  1. Oh my sweet Lizzie, your ‘colour sketches’ knock the ‘finished’ works of many painters into a cocked hat! They’re breezy and evocative and deft and delicious. Never think of them as being less than wonderful. They’re so swift and atmospheric, like first swallows sweeping down in Spring.

    Our dogs are getting older, and moreover, faster than we are. Jack had seven teeth out a few weeks ago. It was a risk at age fourteen, but he came through well. Gum ill health can cause terrible long-term problems, and so we thought it better to give him at least a chance of recovery and a less troubled path ahead. Luckily it worked. He still has enough teeth to give an impressive yawn, and the discomfort has passed. But he is slower. I miss him dancing on ahead of us. These days we have to stop and wait for him to catch up, bless him. Give Meggie a big hug from us. I LOVE Meggie. xxx

    • Wow, what a lovely thing to say, thanks Clive, you’re a true friend!
      Poor old Jack, I hope you tucked 7 sixpences under his pillow. As regards Meggie she still has her moments and runs like a mad thing chasing balls and throwing toys up in the air and catching them, she also still remains a puppy at heart, (like us I like to think! ) Big licks from Meggie to you and a high five to Jack.

  2. Liz, what a delightful post, full of light and life, thank you. I can only second what Clive says, your colour sketches are soooooo good, I particularly love that one in the kitchen, it’s genius! Hope you have many more days yet with dear old Meggie 😊

    • Thanks Phil! Yes we hope for more days, months even, dare I say years, she is now on barbiturates for the rest of her life; we whisked her to the vet after she had several seizures the day before we came away (typical). So now we are in cold blustery Biarritz with Meggie, having just returned from a walk leaning forward horizontally in the driving wind and rain on the beach, we watched the waves crashing for 2 secs, , sat in the car being buffeted by the wind, then came home !!

  3. Liz,


    just a "quickie" to let you know how I enjoy your posts and read them all even if I dont reply!!


    Hoping you are both well ..Graham looks great in the Pic!



    Love to you both.

    G xx  

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