Always good practice to practise.


As usual I have loads of ideas for projects and paintings, but I’m feeling a little rusty;  it requires a certain amount of courage to embark on a voyage of discovery paint-wise which can so easily end in feelings of failure and be a waste of precious time, so whenever I have a free moment I limber up by painting small and simple studies, which is always enjoyable….. mind you, sometimes they can be failures too!

The 1st two showing the first stage, then final stage. The 3rd one is a painting I did from the painting rather than the still-life itself, thereby removing myself from reality and giving me freedom to play with colour.

these are 10 x 10cm in acrylic

I painted this directly on board, I struggled a bit as you can see, so I painted them a 2nd time on canvas and closed in on the…

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2 thoughts on “Always good practice to practise.

  1. Yes,Lizzie,—the colours are wondrous with us too (apparently not so stunning in the USA,as normal)–all to do with an early cold snap and the sugar in the Chlorophyll being held back and then released as a surge rather than drip fed.

    Good to see you both and have a banter.

    Heaps David.

    • Hi David, there you have it in a nutshell! Yes it’s true my American friends are not in the least impressed with European autumns, I gather the colours in Vermont are spectacular, could be to do with maples being the principal species of tree.Yes it was great seeing you both, though all too short a time. xL

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