Seasonal changes

It’s been a busy summer for me with exhibitions, the B&B and the gite etc, things are calming down a bit now.  I installed my last exhibition of the year,  a 4 day group expo in Brantôme, a beautiful town about an hour north from us, often called the Venice of the Perigord,  which is stretching it a bit, it’s built on an island where the Dronne splits into two and then becomes one again,  it’s very pretty but it’s hardly Venice….

Anyway now that’s up and running, I’ve had the luxury of having a few hours actually painting and not framing, numbering and labelling, they’re only 15x15cm, but it was good getting back to some painting again.

We’ve had some incandescently sunny days of late, today’s weather menu was accompanied by a crisp north wind ready to whip the drying leaves off the trees. This is early morning, showing my artistic lawn mowing.


The hunt started a couple of weeks ago, my most hated part of the year, such a shame when it’s also a beautiful time for colour and harvesting figs, apples, walnuts and chestnuts. Our neighbours’ harvest of chestnuts is completed, it takes 3 weeks of backbreaking work, prising open their defensive prickly shells with thickly gloved hands, 27 seasons we’ve watched them hard at work, a season which rolls round quicker every year, just as the vendange does. The next seasonal event will be the cranes flocking south from Scandinavia and Germany, sigh…..

The cat likes to crawl into the roof space in my studio, a regular sun trap, she sneaks up there silently and then leaps down with a plop onto the plastic ceiling, without fail freaking me and the dog out! This photograph should be accompanied by the music from 2001.


Lastly here’s proof that Graham and I found our pot of gold here:



10 thoughts on “Seasonal changes

  1. You did indeed find your pot of gold, and it’s been a delight over many years to visit and share time with you there. Peter and I so love our trips to La Crabouille. In the woods here the sweet chestnuts have fallen and walks with Jack have him pussyfooting around them, occasionally looking up at us with a a pained expression that says ‘Really? You expect me to walk on THIS?’

    Your paintings at the top of this post are beautiful. Such tenderness. I love the long shadows.

    Your photo of the cat reminds me less of ‘2001’ than it does the credit sequence for ‘Barbarella’ with Jane Fonda doing a gravity-free striptease. Ha ha. Check it out on Youtube to see what I mean!

    • And we do love to share our pot of gold with our friends! La Crabouille is missing you guys it’s about time you visited again. Poor old Jack, and there’s me carefully kicking the prickly shells to one side all through the forest so that Meggie doesn’t injure her feet, the walks take a lot longer this time of year, in fact I have even contemplated taking a broom with me! I will check out Barbarella, gosh, its ages since I saw that film. With love from sunny France.xxL

  2. Dear Liz,


    I know I never get to reply but always enjoy getting your mails.


    Lucky you with all that sunshine!! ..we have been flooded out and then had a monster storm on thursday ..wild winds ..scary!


    Is that beautiful red around the window from "wine leaves"/ ivy?? ..what a stunning colour.


    Hope you and Graham oherwise very well.


    Gráinne x





    • Dear Gráinne, so lovely to hear from you, yes that’s Virginia creeper, isn’t it a stunning colour? I will write you an email soon. much love from France to Germany!xxxxxL

  3. More lovely work which is only what I’d expect of you, dear Liz, however busy you’ve been. Only sorry we weren’t adding to your work load this year! Here, we are, once more, hunkering down on top of our hill; mourning the end of long days and Summer warmth as the nights creep in and my toes begin to feel the chill! Love to you both in your Autumnal idyll. Charlie and Albert xx

    • Yes, me too sorry, it’s been a sad summer not seeing you! How’s your new working life/ retirement? Less stressful I hope. I picture you both on your hill with fondness, and inspiration…..xxxL

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