A dog we may re-name Lazarus

2 weeks ago Meggie dog went into veterinary hospital, she was immediately put on a drip, as she wouldn’t drink, after 5 days (and several hundred euros) she’s back with us again, and we continued nursing her for a further week and now nearly 3 weeks after the illness she’s back on form, if a little slower than before,  but then she is 12, which is 85 in doggie years.

They think she’d eaten something and contracted some sort of awful bacteria which caused toxins to affect her brain, which in turn caused a couple of seizures. They gave her 3 types of antibiotic which fought and won the battle, I’m happy to say, and here is the proof: this is where she hides if she happens to be outside with me and a helicopter passes or we hear gun shots, she insists on trampling down seedlings and flowers, but who cares …….she’s back with us for a while longer! How’s this for a cheesy photo?



staying on the subject of animals and wildlife, here’s a frog whose taken up residence in our water butt; at just an inch long he appeared to use the amplification affect of the smooth sides when calling for a mate, who was sufficiently wooed by the amplified croaking;  all is quiet in the night now, so we can get some sleep at last.

he:IMG_5992 - Version 2

she is slightly bigger and less colourful:


I discovered this ball of newly born spiders on the bush outside the house:


here they’re rapidly dispersing, presumably with such high numbers as these they must have a predator or we’d be overrun with them.


and some bees jostling for pollen


Just to remind myself I still paint, I’ve completed 2 small commissions, here they are, size 10 x 10:
garlic      tom


and I’ve been trying to build up a stock for summer expos too,  it’s always good to have a few small paintings to sell, size 15 x 15



a few weeks ago I was experimenting and continuing in a style I was beginning to enjoy when life got rather in the way, this is based on a small sketch I did in the autumn, size is 40 x 120, I’m hoping to do more for my main summer expo in St Avit Sénieur:

IMG_5937 - Version 3


15 thoughts on “A dog we may re-name Lazarus

  1. Hi Liz. I’ll come collect the tomato and garlic soon. I love them! So happy Meggie continues to grow stronger.

  2. hi Liz, That is good news re Meggie. 🙂 Eek! re all those spiders.
    I much like the long landscape below. it has a lyrical feel and puts me in mind of some painters but can’t exactly think who. Perhaps John and Paul Nash, do you know their work? Paul was a war artists, WWI & WWII paintings, but yours has a happier feel 😉

    • Hi Andy, aaaaagh I owe you an email! Thanks for liking the landscape, yes I do know and love their work, (hope I’m not plagiarising….) Ivon Hitchens is also one of my favourites, and de Stael, William , Ben and Winifred Nicholson the list is endless, but I do love artists from that era. 🎨

  3. Of course ,Lizzie, the male frog is a handsome son of a gun you will find that runs true with ALL males.

    Love and Stuff

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