Rocmadour revisited.

It’s 26 years since we visited Rocamadour,  so for my birthday treat we had a grand day out in April. When it normally rains that day, the sun shone on me for once!

Photographs don’t give it justice, it’s a stunning place.  Climbing the clock tower and out on to the promontory,  gazing  out at the craggy cliffs and deep gorges below gives you a sensation of flying, perhaps what the mediaeval builders intended. The crumbling parapets are now protected with an inner skirt of steel rails and metal latticework, so we felt more secure than before.



We had perfect weather with deep blue skies, how do you even start building this into the rock?.



The usual reminder of the inevitable:


I accidentally had the camera on B/W mode the first few pics I took,  and it occurred to me how my childhood and college days are archived in black and white, it’s very hard to imagine the sun was actually shining and the sky was ever a deep blue.


Maybe I should take a leaf from Hockneys book, he uses black and white photos to work from so that he can invent his colours without distraction.



8 thoughts on “Rocmadour revisited.

  1. that’s lovely, what an amazing place. didn’t know that about hockney.

    popping into the salon this morning. looking forward to seeing you. hope the opening well.

    j xx

    • Thanks dear Ellen, it was a couple of weeks ago now, I was only now just able to finish writing the post. It is an awe-inspiring place, when you come here next, you must visitxxxL

  2. Love the patterned effect made by shadows in your first photo. Sorry we missed your birthday, but glad to know you took time out to make it special. xx

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