A triple haiku: an Ode to Hospital Food

I have a very dear friend in hospital at the moment, and having been by her bedside whilst food was served, I felt motivated to write an Ode to Hospital Food. Well… if Rabbie Burns can write an Ode to a Haggis, then that’s inspiration enough for me!

One expects French hospital food to follow the tradition of French Haute Cuisine, but it appears to be the complete opposite, especially where looks are concerned. It’s visually unappetising and that goes for flavour too; not that I’ve tasted it, but I judge that by witnessing her facial expression.

Where is the logic? Surely tempting a sick person to eat nourishing food has to be one of the top items on the list of basic patient care?

……….OK, off the soapbox and on with the Ode:ode to hospital food 2

The last image keeps floating into my head, probably because I’m vegetarian. That boudin looked disgusting!

The tray the food is served on is a particularly sickly yellow. I remember that a few years ago they did a study on how colour affects people, and one of the studies kept people in a completely yellow room for a few hours, which eventually prompted them to feel sick, need I say more?

Having said that though, we have yellow walls in the entrance to the kitchen, but it’s a nice yellow!

(These images were created on the iPad. )






14 thoughts on “A triple haiku: an Ode to Hospital Food

      • Hi Liz,
        same here, lots of work, writing and reading for my master.
        we will be in your neck of the woods this summer so we will see each other …. sort of soon hahaha with our speed it is really soon. I will send you some pics of the work I am making, kind of 3D collages, I am very happy with it!
        kisskiss for you and your man from me and my man!

  1. Shame about the food in Ivy’s retreat. It sounds unimaginative, dull, boring, awful…. Its only merit is that it produced some weird sketches from you. ⚜️🇫🇷⚜️

    Sent from my iPad


  2. OMG this looks awfully familiar and I wonder if it has to do with being a vegetarian oops I am too…. 🙂
    Your drawings look more appetizing…. I can tell from experience hahaha and grrrrr and ieuw

    • I thought you might appreciate this post! However, I was concentrating on making those drawings look dull, they kept turning into faces, and I didn’t want that; no, anthropomorphism was not my aim here, I wanted nothing to endear those ghastly dishes of swill to anyone! hoop dat je goed en gelukkig, met liefde van ons, kus kus!xxL

  3. Loved this, having worked in hospitals. Here’s one on the fly in return:

    Haiku: White Foods

    Was that food there, on my plate?
    I didn’t know one could eat
    Elmer’s Glue.

    • Hello newcomer! Ha ha, that’s a good one! So, hospital food is universally disgusting, now why is that? (I’m making a guess you’re in the US, from the reference to Elmer’s Glue) My heart felt cry is where is Jamie Oliver?….. we need him to get working on hospital food as well as school food!

      • Yes I’m from the US (lived in the UK for a year though!)…I think there is some central horrid kitchen: Where The White Foods Go. 🙂 I remember one day being thrilled because we saw actual not overcooked green broccoli at the cafeteria line – alas, it turned out to be served whilst still frozen. Yet hope springs eternal 🙂

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