Departures from the norm

As I’ve done so many sketches and drawings lately, for a change I thought I’d try a relatively new medium for me: collage. I did a few some years ago, and in my usual disorganised fashion I’ve mislaid them, thereby giving credence to them being lost masterpieces in my imagination; of course when and if I find them again I’ll be disappointed.

Anyway, I was working on a (painted) present for someone and after 6 attempts, I threw down the brush and paints and got some glue and papers out. I prepared different papers with colours and brushy textures, and set to cutting and shaping various pieces, it’s very fiddly and unlike my spontaneous way of working, a frustrating but somehow rewarding  exercise! There’s lots wrong with result, my first impression looking at it objectively a few days later is that it’s too busy,  (less is more ). I then ran the image through various iPhoto adjustments, this is such an interesting exercise, and helps so much when prepping for painting, my preferred ones are the inverted one and the black and white image.

1st stage before the Great Glueing:


2nd and final stage:


this was the result of playing around on the iPad ( photoshop express) I like this effect too, nice colours:


inverted colours:

coll inv


coll carmine

lastly, black and white:

IMG_5306 - Version 5

I subscribe to 2 artists blogs, both masters of the collage; one: Clive Hicks-Jenkins, a good friend since 34 years, the other is  Phil, whom I’ve met only once but I’ve got to know him through Clive and reading his blog.  These links are both lifted from Clive’s blog:

here the blog on Phil:

Well it’s a beautiful Spring day , I’m off to walk the dog.


11 thoughts on “Departures from the norm

  1. Liz, it’s hard to believe you’re quite new to this medium, these images are so accomplished, so delightful, they look like you’ve been working in this way for years. They have everything I love about collage work; energy, movement, lively, shapes and textures, I just love it, – you remind me of what first drew me to making collages, thank you 🙂

  2. good morning! so lovely to see these after spending far too much time reading the political news in the new york times when i woke up.

    i think they are very clever, love the spring flowers and they feel very theatrical, are all the papers your painting/drawing? just interested, i think that works so well. we started to do a collage morning with an architect friend last year, working with artdeco shaped vases. it was great fun but i felt my work was too flat. i will make some papers. very inspiring! thanks!

    will you put them on pinterest?

    have a lovely weekend.

    j xxx

    ps. hope you find the others!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Oh dear, politics is too depressing to start the day with, I have to force myself to keep up, as do you I suspect! Yes they are my own prepped papers, indeed some are failed watercolours from years ago. I don’t think I will find the others, I’ve looked everywhere, if you saw my studio you’d understand the difficulty!
      I look forward to seeing your collages on your new website? (Judy’s website: ), I’ll add a link to the list below as well. Have a good weekend tooxxL

    • Nonsense, Woman of the Year, your talents are way beyond what I could ever attain! Hope you are settling in, I expect you’re already involved in the community, let me know what you’re up to dear one xxxxL

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