Winter Solstice draws near.

Although we shall see the arrival of Winter Solstice in a few days and mornings are heavy with frost, come noon, day after day we’ve been bathed in glorious glaring sunshine, the cristal clear light streams through windows with unforgiving brilliance, equally the cloudless nights are brimming with mystical moonlight, while the eerie shapes in the landscape cloak themselves around us.


Yes well, one of Graham’s tubes got in the way of this sunny picture! I love those deep dark shadows :


We recently visited friends near Biarritz for a few days, enjoying long beach walks and watching surfers and swimmers gleefully delighting in the unseasonable weather.


and a visit to Hondaye, near the Spanish border……


Still inspired by the recent course I took on abstract painting, I’ve been playing around with paint and encaustic textures, creating this piece from a sketch I did on paper. I’m not sure if this is the route I want to go, so alongside this work I carry on sketching ( on the iPad and otherwise). It’s quite an effort changing direction, a little like snakes and ladders, I feel I’ve slid down to ‘start’ again, so… I roll the dice and thus the arduous voyage of discovery recommences.

This, inspired by the weather in Cornwall, is on canvas, (40 x 120) from the sketch I did on paper (below)



A very shaggy Meggie blissfully asleep on her bed:


She was sleeping so soundly I was even able to do a quick watercolour. It needs a little more work, but it’s safer to leave it a while I think. Meggie needs more black painted into her, but I don’t want to lose the freedom the sketch has, so I’ll lay it aside for a while:


and an iPad painting of our kitchen window.



9 thoughts on “Winter Solstice draws near.

  1. Lovely, vibrant, free-spirited work, here, Lizzie. I love the sketch and then watercolour of Maggie. Every mark swift and supple. I’m busy finishing a tattoo design for my friend Nick. He’s been so patient but now I must deliver. Sending love to all of you from all of us. XXXXXX

    • Thanks Phil, for your positive support! I loved your latest post too, I haven’t got round to commenting yet as I wanted to read the poem on the other website first. All the best.

  2. Super work Liz! I love the Cornish Seascape – That Newlyn course seems to have produced good results. There’s a new sense of maturity showing in that painting. The dog portraits look enjoyable fun too 🙂

    • Thanks Andy, I do hope so, I really enjoyed the course. I wish I could do more whilst I’m still inspired, but I’m immersed in end-of-year paperwork, yuk…….I expect you will be singing your way to Christmas by now, hope your enjoy the celebrations! Happy Christmas.

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