Life drawing

I joined an art class recently and we have a life model for a few weeks. An artist friend set up classes in the next village, he said to come along whenever I like, which is great because usually I have to drive miles for something like that.

I enjoy being back working amongst a group of artists, the last life-drawing class I did was 47 years ago at art school, and after a nervous start ( I was tempted to curl my arm round and hide what I was doing while I worked) I lost all fears, and now enjoy the concentration it requires. The 3 hours just whizz by.

From 3 classes so far I’ve loads of drawings, here are a few




in yesterday’s class the model stayed in the same pose for the whole session and we were encouraged to move around



I’m still playing with the ipad  and painting from the images I’ve made. I’ve no work at the moment so I’m basking in the luxury of having time to garden in the mornings and work in the studio in the afternoons.


this, below,  isn’t finished yet, the iPad image is stronger so this one needs work:


and a couple more, recent, paintings:

oil on board 24×18


oil on paper 30×45


stages 1 (acrylic) and 2 ( oil), 18×24:

and 3 oil






10 thoughts on “Life drawing

  1. Lovely to study your deft drawings from life-class. I can see the confidence growing. The foreshortening in the prone model sketches is great. Your eye doesn’t miss a trick of the flesh spread by gravity. The model’s hands are particularly elegant.

    That i-pad sketch of the garden is lovely. It has an ‘Ivon Hitchens’ quality. (I get the sense in the painting that bigger brushes would help keep the mark-making bolder). And I always love your light-suffused interiors. So comforting to get a little wander around the house again in imagination. Missing you and G. xxx

    • Thanks Clive, you’re right, bigger brushes mean bolder marks! And wow, to be compared to Ivon Hitchens, that’s praise indeed, I love his work. We miss you both too, it’s too long since we last saw you, I don’t suppose you’d be wanting to get away for Christmas?……….XxL

    • Thanks Stewart, there’s more gardening than I would wish, never mind! I divide the days and enjoy the afternoons in the studio when it’s warmed up in there! Love to CarenxL

  2. Loved your life drawing/ sketches. I like the way you carry on working away. Love MLCLMX ✌🏽️✍🏻✍🏿

    Sent from my iPad


  3. It’s wonderful to see you revisit life drawing. You haven’t lost your touch in 47 years. Also enjoyed seeing the paintings. Enjoy your creative respite!
    xo AM

    • Thanks Anita , it’s good to hear from you. I think of you every time I draw on the iPad with that lovely drawing tool you sent me! I’ve yet to take the iPad into art-class, though, I don’t think Jacques would approve if I introduced his students to it, they are already intrigued by my big lump of water soluble graphite, and the fact I use barbecue charcoal to draw with! Hope all is well, XL

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