More commissions and an exhibition

I recently completed 3 more commissions see as follows,  (although I seem to have lost the third photo, I must have forgotten to take one); I enjoy painting animals so I painted some geese right after finishing them.

IMG_0297Version 2IMG_0369

I’m still in the throws of preparing for an exhibition, ( with 4 other artists) which opens on Tuesday (gulp!), so I’ll include the geese I think, for I have a few animal portraits to accompany them.

I’ve also done a few small oils in between times, some I’ve painted from sketches I’ve done on the ipad, not having had time to do the big ones I was intending to do. These have captured the simplicity of working on the ipad, and differ from my usual style, where I try to achieve a softer dreamlike quality, here these are simpler,  relying on blocks of colour to interact with one another.

these are 24×18 cm



this is 30×24 cm


and 20x40cm


So, it’s framing and varnishing for me this weekend, together with listing and labelling the works, and writing a wee blurb to accompany them, ready to hang the show on Monday, (not to mention ironing sheets and doing B&B sat, sun and monday!)


10 thoughts on “More commissions and an exhibition

  1. All the best for the show Liz, I’d love to see these paintings on the wall, I’m sure they are going to look absolutely splendid. Those interiors really are wondeful, bravo!

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