Recent commissions

Here are 3 commissions I’ve completed recently. I didn’t like to post their progress until the clients had received and okayed them.

The remit for this one was to have a mermaid and the sea in the piece. Here’s the sketch I did , in the ArtRage app, which I then moved into the Sketches app to twiddle about with: Graham made up the boards ( 0.80x1m) I sanded them and gave them a few coats of prime, once dry I squared it up and transposed the design onto the boards.



This second piece I painted was to be on a hanging canvas, 70cm x 85cm. I did a few sketches, from which a highland scene was chosen, (here are a couple of the other sketches)


I stretched canvas onto my studio wall (plasterboard) primed it, let it dry, then gave it a wash of ochre as a ground colour.


Sorry about the colour, it’s not very true, but the photo was too dark:

IMG_3085 - Version 2

Nº 3 commission was for a family tree. This proved to be rather a brainteaser as I had to translate an A4 sheet with lists of names into an interesting image. In order to have the first couple at the roots of the tree I inverted the names I’d been given, so it gradually branched up and out ending with the present day couple at the top. I regretted it a bit at the time even though I’d numbered each one, I kept losing track of which branch was going where, and the 89 names had to be correct, and in order.

IMG_0028IMG_3099IMG_3101Version 2


10 thoughts on “Recent commissions

  1. Hi Liz,

    Just read your “blog” , just love the swimming pool ceiling . Re. the box hedge papillon, we have had box bushes, hedges etc decimated by it. We got a product last year and sprayed everything and thought we had won the war, however it appears it was only the battle, the ghastly little bug is back again with vengeance. I spoke to a friend on Saturday night, who has discovered a new product, so as soon as he e.mails the name of it I shall forward it to you. Love to you both,


    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks Sheila,
      Yes I was given false hope, because recently my topiary chicken was producing beautiful rich regrowth where everything appeared to have died, then suddenly the caterpillars are back again, it appears they have more than one go per season, and the poor thing is devastated once again, the whole thing has got out of hand now, all the local box hedges are infested too; I didnt spray it before, as picking them off by hand seemed to work, now I’ll have to seriously think about using an insecticide , which I hate to doxxL

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