Extraordinary creatures and a day at the races

As I was reading in the garden at lunch, a strange and beautiful insect landed on the edge of my kindle. He was a pert and quirky little fellow, only 0.5cm long, with a tail not unlike a scorpion’s, and entirely lemony-yellow; I first noticed him because of his peculiar stance which was to rock his body first to one side, stop, then to rock to the other and stop, he’d rotate 45º then repeat the action, rotate 45º and rock from side to side again. It gave him such character, I warmed to him immediately, he gave the appearance of over-acting in a Christmas pantomime ( ……it’s BEHIND you!!…….) but of course that’s me just anthropomorphising again. I imagine he was gauging the wind velocity for his next jump, for it was clear he was a hopper, he had long front legs which stretched behind him. I managed to get a couple of not very good photos, luckily I also found a good one on the web; if my web search is correct he’s a leafhopper nymph, and will eventually metamorphose into a flying bug who’ll probably eat our trees.

IMG_3390 (1)


IMG_3388 (1)and from the web, in Pinterest, a photo  from Costa Rica by Adam Tenenbaum

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 17.02.18

and another from the web:



Another year has passed and it’s a day at the soapbox races again. The theme this year was “Comedy” and Graham chose The Pink Panther.



And here are a few photos from past years, ( photos of photos I’m afraid) . The soapbox race has been going for 24 years now, and, it’s been announced that next year will be the 25th and the last.  I must dig out the rest of the photos, Graham has raced in 22.

Theme:  I don’t think there was one in the early days, this is 1997 and 1998:” A Clean Sweep”



Theme in 2001 “Films”: ” Das Boot”



Theme in 2002 “Beatles songs”: Graham with an egg box hat, easy to guess this one!


Theme 2013? “Rolling Stones songs”: Under My thumb”




2 thoughts on “Extraordinary creatures and a day at the races

  1. Just signed up to follow your blog!
    Whatever will Graham do once the races come to an end?
    Love the pics you’ve just posted and look forward to seeing the 25th anniversary photo- collage next summer!

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