What a mess!

I feel rather deflated now we have been voted out of the EU. Also rather cross that we weren’t allowed  to vote because we’ve lived here for more that 15 years, yet it will affect us enormously. If we had voted along with other British abroad, maybe the numbers voting to remain would have been much higher, it’s sickening. I could go on, but I won’t, I’m sure everyone has heard enough opinions on the subject!

Yesterday I had a brief interlude from working on the commisions, and we ‘ve been pretty busy too with the B&B and gite, all the guests had left by midday.  So after stripping all the beds and starting up a wash cycle, and realising I haven’t done much drawing lately,  I sat in the garden and did a couple of  ipad sketches. The sun was so bright I could hardly see the screen, which is a drawback, but it was still quicker than getting painting gear together so I persevered.

gite doorsgite gardenIMG_0232

After that I went inside to the big bedroom and once my eyes were accustomed to the indoors, I sketched one of the windows; I never tire of painting window scenes:

big room

These will all be stored away for me to do some oil paintings in the future. I haven’t quite mastered the different effects one can achieve on the iPad, like watercolour, oils, pastel etc, but then my purpose is to record rather than to paint a finished piece.

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