Commissions and exhibitions

I’ve taken on 4 commissions recently. At the moment I’m working on three simultaneously, the fourth is finished and has been delivered and hung by Graham. Here’s that  piece in various stages of completion.

1st the design, sketched on the iPad:

Owl 2 copy

2. The plywood panel, to which I glued linen then plastered lightly:


3. The design has been squared up and then scaled up.


5. The finished piece:



I recently mounted an exhibition shared with Hayley Jay Daniels a sculptor,  in the library in Eymet. I was invited by an old friend whom we got to know when we first arrived here, she was teaching in a local school and was very keen on furthering the arts within the school curriculum. There was flurry of pro-art and drama activity in those days of the early nineties, unfortunately this has long gone, the arts are no longer valued and once again we see dull end-of-term shows mostly with groups of children singing old French songs. Anyway I digress,  for that is actually a good subject for a blog so I’ll save it for later.

The library is the noisiest one I have ever been in, it seems to serve as the local community centre; all morning as we were installing our work in the room put aside for expos, we could hear stories being told and children joyfully shoutingly joining in, then all afternoon the local OAPs club playing bingo. Anyways it’s a good space , and promises to have many local visitors.

Seeing as this is a library, I’ve displayed a few of the verses I’ve been writing recently, so some paintings have verses instead of titles.

Here’s a pic showing some of Hayley’s and my works. I’m sorry to say there are no new works of mine in this show, these are mostly from last year. Hayley works with porcelaine and paper, she described it to me as being a bit like papiermaché, only being of porcelaine and paper mix which gives it great strength.  She then paints them to look like bronzes, and they look incredibly so.

IMG_2981 - Version 2

The opening was on Thursday, unfortunately I managed to take lots of pictures of books! Never mind , it was a convivial evening.


Lastly, it’s actually stopped raining for a bit, so here are a couple of pics of the garden, it’s looking very green at the moment…..





10 thoughts on “Commissions and exhibitions

  1. A fantastic work Liz ! You do have a great skill ..I love the project for the column ! And it seems to be a big show in the library ….
    Bises … You should pop in the US in Saratoga Springs and apply for a summer teachin an ART class in SKIDMORE COLLEGE where I am staying at the moment !
    take care both of you .. Y

  2. Lovely, as usual. You have the unusual gift of two extraordinary talents that you combine so well. And a noisy library, how wonderful.

  3. Beautiful work, Liz, simply beautiful. You have moved into a phase of heightened inspiration and productivity which must be so pleasing to experience. Now you have the dilemma of commissioned work driving you on at a sometimes unforgiving pace -that sounds like success to me! Pursue it! And the connection with Eymet should advance your reputation no end.

    I wish I could have got along to some of the exhibs but my lack of energy is a handicap I didn’t expect to have to deal with. I hope it is a passing thing …………………… Much love xx

  4. All the best for the exhibition Liz, it looks a lovely space to show in. And I do love you IPad sketches, you get a quality to them I can’t seem to achieve, lovely !

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