The ceiling is finished! One or two minor things to add later,  some more leaves to soften the edges, (you have to live with something a little while to see what you might like to add or take away,  luckily so far there is nothing to take away!)

Here is a reminder of what the ceiling looked like after Graham sanded it down,


and here it is finished, it’s difficult to get a good shot, this is the best I can do without actually jumping in the pool:


We feel quite pleased that we’ve actually finished it, it seemed never-ending at some stages, but now looking back it’s almost as though someone else painted it, and I wonder what all the fuss was about. I want to take one last photo once everything is installed in the space, so that will be in a couple of weeks, and I’ll take a few close ups too. Maybe I should take a pic of the mirror image in the pool, I’ll try that as well.

Meanwhile I keep my hand in with sketches and ipad paintings. We visited the gardens of Marqueyssac recently, they are absolutely stunning, with randomly-shaped hedging mixed with geometric forms of topiary as far as the eye can see. The château is built on a high outcrop of rock, and the gardens extend along the ridge, with breath-taking views all around, we were lucky to have a sunny day casting such deep green shadows, you feel you are in a surreal green cartoon-like world. Here are a couple of photos and thumbnail sketches, plus a couple of ipad sketches.


marq2-2 - Version 2marq1

My own lovingly sculpted topiary of about 12 years has been ravaged by a new invader from Asia, the box-tree caterpillar, which has no predator, except me, I’ve been squashing them whenever I see them, not a nice job, I hate to kill, but these are apparently a serious threat to all box hedging;  I’ve sprayed the remaining leaves with a stinking concoction of rotting garlic and soap  but to no avail, they’ve won,  my poor exotic bird looks like a dried up old hen, I can only hope that nature will find a way to for her to recuperate, for the destruction appears to have reached a new stage, I can see no caterpillars, yet it continues to look as though something is still munching at it.

This photo was taken a few years ago:


The culprit


becomes this moth:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 23.28.41



and devastates likes this:


Lastly an ipad sketch of our wisteria, which has been wonderful this year, with it’s heady perfume filling the air.



10 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Hi Lizzie I love your blogs – what an artist you are! I think the pool roof is absolutely amazing – it’s so beautiful and what a lovely pool to swim in with the sky above. With love Vivvy

    On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 10:35 PM, lizkingsangster wrote:

    > lizkingsangster posted: “The ceiling is finished! One or two minor things > to add later, some more leaves to soften the edges, (you have to live with > something a little while to see what you might like to add or take away, > luckily so far there is nothing to take away!) Here is ” >

    • Hi Vivvy, good to hear from you, I’m glad you enjoy the blogs; from my point of view, writing them is a good discipline, not only because my family and friends can keep up with what we’re doing, but it serves as a journal of our lives, the memory not being so good these days! Lots of lovexL

  2. OOwh Liz, what a beautiful sight, the finished pool sky. And I love your iPad sketches; you are a master!
    It is so great to read your blogs, it makes me feel closer to the place I love so much and won’t see in a long time. With a study group I go to Rome, end of June, and in august we won’t come to the Dordogne…. sort of cold turkey feeling. For it will be since forever that we won’t be there during the summer.
    We hope to see you two in Holland though, especially now that you have finished that huge pool heaven work…..:-]…….
    Big hugs from Rotterdam and keep up the lovely blog work!
    Marie Claire

  3. Superb, Liz, you should be feeling very proud. Have the owners seen it yet? I’d like to know their comments if they have\or when they do.

    Make the most of your off-duty moments and enjoy your beautiful surroundings – or wage allout war on those wretched caterpillers, there must be some preparation somewhere that would see them off. Consult a Google Gardener|

    Lots of love ……… xx

    • Hi Ivy,
      Yes the owners are very happy with the ceiling, and they are doing more swimming on their backs that they used to! The caterpillars are devilish creatures, the minute they sense me they duck back into their gossamer web and hide behind leaves, I suppose you cannot blame them, all they want to do is survive like the rest of usxxL

  4. Lovely to see the finished product, it looks beautiful ! On the other hand, devastating to see what the caterpillars have done….I hope you go into battle wearing your Viking helmet?!
    lots of love xx

  5. Really enjoy reading your posts. Hope to see you both the next two weeks as I arrive Fongrenier Monday and stay the usual two weeks. Let’s get together.

    Sam I remain

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Hi Liz the ceiling is very beautiful – a very calm space making you think of roman baths almost. Well done. Love your wee doodly drawings as well and I hate to say it but the culprit caterpillar is a very bonnie luikan thing, like a jewel colour!  anyway well done to you and Graham for marvellous ceiling love Maureen

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