Nearly there….

My aim is to finish the details on the ceiling by the end of this week, hoorah!..the birds are completed…. about 50 in number. I’ve tweaked the swirlies, having given them more contrast here and there. I was slightly held up because I decided to repaint the owl, I had got over-enthusiastic with the number of feathers I gave him, I couldn’t see them very well in my reference book so I invented a few, ( fatal!) I took a proper look at some reference photos ( ah the beauty of the internet) and painted a better rendering of a tawny owl.

This is the first one, rather weak I think:


and the second:


All that’s left to paint now is some ivy, dragonflies and butterflies. Then it’s the big varnishing ( 2 coats) and a giant clear up. We will hoover the pool ( I like that idea) and the whole workspace, then we’ll collapse the bridge, which has been excellent, rigidly stable and light enough for me to push when I’ve been working alone the last 3 weeks. So, next week I hope to post pictures of the completed ceiling.

Two sad things happened last week, all part of nature, of life and death, but that doesn’t make it easier to accept. They prompted me to write a few lines, the first a haiku verse , the second a tanka, which helped me exorcise my sorrow,  I’m sure you’ll guess the stories behind them.


last breath



(Funnily enough my good friend and artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ latest post recounts 3 brief glimpses into the natural world, we must be thinking on the same wavelength,  you can read it here.)

Next, here are a couple of verses on the brief stories being played out as I drive to work through the countryside every day. I quickly illustrated this one with an ipad sketch for future reference, hmm I need to move the buzzard over to the right a bit:


This one is in prep for a sketch, having played with photos first, not my normal procedure, but I thought it might speed things up:


Not strictly tanka verse, but it has the right number of syllables, and pah! some rules are made for breaking:

and lastly:



6 thoughts on “Nearly there….

  1. Such nice work Liz!
    Will you have the time (and courage) to be at Montbazillac this year ??
    We haven’t seen your paintings this year exept in your posts!

    • Thanks Muriel, hey, you speak good English! No I’m not showing at Monbazillac this year. I’m helping out on Friday morning of May 6th, what day do you plan to go, maybe we could meet up?
      A bientot! Biz.

  2. Liz, you are amazing! A true talent. France was lucky to get you. American Admirer

    Sent from my iPhone

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