Progressing slowly

Spring is here, the verges and gardens are spattered with flowering primroses and cowslips. I heard my first cuckoo on the 19th March and there is warmth is the sun at last. Meanwhile the work on the  ceiling progresses slowly.

The whole ceiling has now been cleaned of it’s 40 years of grime, the next process was sanding to give it a key, see here:


At last we start painting the primer, which is horrible, it’s like painting thick treacle and refuses to spread. It’s also highly toxic which requires wearing a good quality mask, and going outside for gulps of fresh air every so often. I now know how a fly feels when it’s stuck to flypaper, you feet get glued to the floor, your gloves get glued to the paintbrush, you pick up the can of paint and it won’t let go!


I’m happy to say that the treacly coat is finished, and the next coat will be the basic creamy white, in a much nicer paint to work with, acrylic paint.

Meanwhile, any spare time I have I try to keep my hand in with colour sketches on the ipad and oil on paper, or playing around with words. Having tried my hand at haiku, I’m now amusing myself with tanka verse. Here’s one with an illustrated sketch, ( hopefully later to be a painting, with verse attached.)  Sometimes the verse comes first then I illustrate, or the verse arrives after the painting.



This verse I intend to do a painting for:

winter woods

I enjoy ipad painting but prefer the feel of real paint, I managed to do a quick one last week:








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