Contemplating or brooding?

I haven’t posted a blog for a while now. Reason? The weather. In January we had thunder and lightening, and high winds causing a major power surge, which, even though the computer was plugged into a ps backup device, grilled the backup battery as well as the sockets. The computer was completely dead after that, so I sent it off to be mended, a few weeks later it came back and I was told there was nothing wrong with it. The result is that I have anthropomorphised my computer into a living breathing sulking being. Since then we’ve had 3 power cuts and the same problem has occurred, the solution is to wait a few days whilst he broods mulishly in the corner until I sense it’s time to plug him in. Anyway, the result of all this is that now I’m nervous using him when it’s windy , when it’s a weekend, or , indeed, at all! I keep threatening him that my next computer will be a laptop, with the battery built in.

So, as the wind howls and whistles round our drafty old house, seeking a way in, rattling the shutters, penetrating our cosiest corners, I choose to post this with my mini-iPad , the photos aren’t brilliant but at least they are proof that I haven’t been idle!




4 thoughts on “Contemplating or brooding?

  1. Liz – glad to see you’re back online, and just about surviving the weather!

    We meant to wish Graham a Happy Birthday yesterday – hope he celebrated in style?

    We’re busy packing now ready for our move to Bath over Easter – trying to do some serious decluttering in the process!!

    Regards Hugh & Jenny

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