Happy New Year to All

Our Merry Christmas, we had a lovely time with friends, sorry the photos are a bit blurred , but then so were we!!



The “turkey”, (a nut roast wrapped in flaky pastry), not my most successful looking one, but time was short!


The tree decorated with the colourful wooden characters I’ve had for years now, there are a few headless and limbless ones but they are hung on the tree with devotion nevertheless. The real stars of the decorations are the beautifully handmade ones that Clive and Peter brought us one year, which are lovingly treasured, and joyfully brought down from the attic each year. They were made by the textile artist Chloe Redfern, see her website here and her blog here

IMG_1786 - Version 2

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year to All

  1. Hogmanay Schogmanay I say! No booze last night for Donna or for me. Now eager to go for brunch.

    Have a great year you guys. Stay well. Lots of love Back in mid January. MLCLMX

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  2. Very impressed by your low-slung turkey and beautifully decorated room and table. Slightly worried by the upside down glasses and no wine in the decanter – it is France, after all, but these pics say it all! Happy new year to you, too! C and A xx

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