Autumn thoughts.

I mentioned Haiku in my last post, and based on a few recent seasonal events I have conjured up 3 Haiku poems and married them with sketches, I know the words should stand alone without any visual or other explanation, the words should spirit up the image to the reader with no help at all, in fact I’m breaking all the rules, however……..

inspired by the autumn sights and sounds of cranes migrating south, passing above our house every year, either heralding Winter as they fly south, or Spring when flying north:


Cries rasp cool clear skies,

woodsmoke wafts and lifts my eyes

south to witness flight.






Returning home late one night, the mysterious ghost-like shape of a wild boar leapt out from the forest into the glare of my headlamps; he, and I, halted and held our breath as time stood still whilst we eyed one another; what a glorious sight he was, his coarse rustic fur like camouflage, his eyes just two diminutive glints in that prehistoric face:


Brief encounter,

Black trunks and brown ferns

gulp a ghost shape from the glare:

both safe, I drive on.


And lastly, now the hunting season has started, our poor dog Megan trembles and shivers in fear every Sunday,  no amount of caressing or soft-spoken words can comfort her.  We hear the baying dogs, triumphant shouts down in the forest valley, and sounds like warfare reverberate through the air, and I hope fervently the hunted animal escapes……….(or that the men shoot one another accidentally….)

Last sunday

Chestnuts fall, shots sound,

baying hounds and whooping men:

majestic stag slumps.



I intend to do paintings from these images ( sketched  on the computer with my wacom pen and tablet,)  but that’s way in the future, for I’m hoping to keep working on abstracts in the studio; however those are put on hold because I have the boxes paintings to do for the Christmas expo; having completed one, I’m in the process of painting 2 others….. but that’s another post…..

10 thoughts on “Autumn thoughts.

  1. Rules are definitely for breaking Liz!! I just wanted to comment to let you know how much I enjoyed your three haiku and the accompanying sketches. I’m definitely someone who enjoys the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, so it’s absolutely lovely to be able to share autumn in your part of the world through this post.

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