Exhibitions over…time to start painting again.

My main exhibitions are finished for this year, I have one more project for a Christmas exhibition: we are several artists and the theme is “boxes” so I will be working on those the next few weeks; although I really want to work more on abstract ideas, I will have to curb these in order to fulfill the Christmas expo obligation, because the gallery expressly asked for my figurative style, (however, I may sneak an abstract in amongst them!) Painting or drawing,  as many artists will say, is an addiction, maybe more than an addiction, it’s a way of life, you have to express yourself in one way or another. During the summer when exhibiting and welcoming holidaymakers, there is less time to paint, so I have to fit it in here and there; I find that autumn is my best time of year because I am itching to get into the studio.

One of the abstract paintings I showed in the summer expos was this one called “Potters at work” , here are the various stages in the painting, I must admit it did my head in a bit, it was quite complicated to work out!









and a couple more, this ipad sketch:




became this painting, although I felt the sketch worked with the bold black rope in the foreground,  it didn’t work when translated into paint to a larger format, so this was the result, size 40cmx120cm:




and this small traditionally executed sketch ( i.e. on paper) :

IMG_9429 - Version 4

inspired this painting, 40cmx120cm:





6 thoughts on “Exhibitions over…time to start painting again.

  1. Great stuff Liz, as you know, I realy like your sketches!
    Your bóxing people are wonderfull, I hope we get to you at that time, so we will be able to see it for real!
    X marie

  2. Just caught up with this post, Liz. I love your figurative style (as I’m sure you know!) but that painting of the potters is amazing.

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