The King of Cardboard reigns again!

The annual Cart Race Day has been and gone like a flash, I’m rather late in posting this. It was in late July and Graham has participated in most of them; this year the theme was Kings and Queens, and G chose to be the The King in the Carpark.

The beginnings of a great idea, starting with the digger:




In the workshop, Meggie wondering what the cart will be this time….






Cardboard and polystyrene, you can’t beat it!




The final piece, with a very tall Richard III. G has managed to build the carpark (together with white lines), the digger,  Richard 3rd’s remains, and the clay beneath all on one cart, not sure about the authenticity of the costume!




all of which demounted to racing mode, here’s Graham doing the slalom:




photo by Ric Hill






photo by Ric Hill

Now racing:


photo by Ric Hill

Even without an engine racing can be dangerous, this young lad of 14 managed to right himself in time :



photo by Ric Hill

The motley group photo:




photo by Ric Hill



photo by Ric Hill

The prize giving:







A grand day ends in the boma, a South African term for an enclosure with seating and campfire beneath the stars:








9 thoughts on “The King of Cardboard reigns again!

  1. Oh, I LOVE the annual report of Cart Race Day!! What a great theme, and Graham’s interpretation is sterling. You didn’t exactly spell it out in the text of your post, but reading the headline, I presume Graham must have taken the top prize. Well done!!!

    • Ha ha, well done indeed! Although there were many kings, queens and even pharoahs that day! Graham won best theme and best cart, but not the race itself. Everyone who takes part gets a prize for something, as a ‘thank you’ for taking part. A good-feeling-day all in all. BTW, how is your son’s project getting along?

    • Oh my goodness , Anita, these are amazing! I will pass them to G when I can drag him to the computer (he has slight allergy to them!) I love the horse one, thanks for that!

  2. As a Leicester resident, I am moved that Graham has honoured both the king and the carpark – I think he should be given the keys of the city, what a brilliant contraption. Bravissimo!

    • It is for some….I always worry about whether I will be rushing someone to the local hospital or not, which has happened on occasion, by the end of the day I am exhausted and relieved!

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