Summer exhibitions.

The August exhibition is up and running at St Avit Senieur. We are four artists: a sculptor and 3 painters. I haven’t had a chance to photograph their work as yet; I will be invigilating on Monday , so I will do so then, and post them up next time.

Here are a few of my latest works where I have deviated from my previously chosen path; I have attempted to enter the world of memories, dreams and abstraction. My aim is to gather my abilities together, to marry my technique of creating aged and crumbling frescoes to my fascination for interiors, windows, of shimmering light and impressions; to add mystery and ambiguity if I can, and to give a hint rather than a clear statement.  A tall order indeed, I’m not making life easy for myself, but then that is the nature and purpose of the artist: to explore and challenge convention and to find a unique path, rather like the old explorers hellbent on walking where none have walked before. That probably sounds rather self-indulgent, but that is the nature of the beast, as one flounders, struggles and wrestles with concepts, colour and narrative…. and….. self-indulgence.

Anyway enough of all that, here are 3 interiors:

I have shown this one before, it was the first in my new series of interiors:

The red dress, Upton House, mixed media on canvas, 80×100

red dress





The green salon, Château des Vigiers, oil on canvas 80×100

green salon



Sunrise streaming into our bedroom. Oil on canvas 80x100cm

IMG_0056 - Version 3



As a break from the interiors, I turned to the sketches I did of visitors at the exhibition in Monbazillac, and used them to start painting up a series of people, I rather like the idea of a huge freize made up of these :


Acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm





After a long hot summer that seemed unending,  it’s raining like ” les vaches qui pissent,” our gardens are soaking up the water with glee, in fact the whole landscape heaves a sigh  ( or maybe a gurgle ) of relief!




4 thoughts on “Summer exhibitions.

  1. I love the effect in these beautiful paintings of the world fractured, as though viewed through a prism. Winifred Nicholson used a prism to great effect, though not to fracture images, but to see and then paint the prismatic light it captured. Do you have a prism? Or a multi-faceted clear paperweight? I keep one on the sitting-room window sash, to capture and project rainbows into the room on sunny days. Jack chases them!

    You’ve always been swift and deft at getting down in pencil and paint the qualities of people passing by, glimpsed at cafe’s and bars. You have a gift for this.

    • Thanks Clive. I’d forgotten she used to use a prism, I must get one, I am sure it would make life easier, because I stare and stare until I see my version of a colour, and trying to interpret colours into my own palettes can be quite a headache. You have now inspired me to buy a prism, thanks. xxxL

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