Pictures from an exhibition….

This weekend I have an exhibition with 2 other artists. It’s just a 2 day event, so there has been a fair amount of work framing, hanging, listing and labelling for something that does not last very long; however, I was invited to participate by an arts association in a local commune, and I didn’t like to refuse because I know the people who run it; the time spent framing is not lost because I will use these pictures in future exhibitions. Also I have come to meet  2 artists I have not met before, and they are lovely people, Helen Hill who is English, she has lived here even longer than I have, she has been here for 35 years and Jacques Blanpain who moved here from Paris 18 months ago.

I am showing some of my watercolours because the exhibition is called Art Contemporain, and my oils have a more traditional feel, so they were not quite fitting. Helen’s and Jacques’ works are abstract, and at first I was concerned that mine would not suit, but the committee seemed to deem my work worthy of the exhibition title. Ultimately I think we 3 artists complimented one another fairly well.

Here is an example of Helen Hill’s work:



Here is an example of Jacques Blanpain’s work.






and then here are a few of my watercolours and acryliques:

1. La robe rouge, Upton House. Acrylic on canvas 80×100. I painted this from a coloured sketch I made a few weeks ago

red dress



La salle argentée, Upton House.  Acrylic on canvas 80×100, again from a coloured sketch I did a while ago:

mirr room




Le salon vert, Château des Vigiers. Acrylic on plywood  80×100, I posted this a few weeks ago, but have worked into it since:

green room



and some smaller watercolours :

le chemin à l’ombre, 30×40:

dark lane


the cat 30×40:



and Denis 30 x 40:



Pictures from an exhibition:




I am off early tomorrow to take down the exhibition, squeezing it into the car and taking back to the studio.














5 thoughts on “Pictures from an exhibition….

  1. I love all the images here and they do compliment each other very well. Your watercolours are mouthwatering Liz, delicate washes and gorgeous colour – all the best for an enjoyable and successful show!


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