Back to square one(s).

I was having a bit of a clearout in my studio, and came across some square virgin canvasses stashed away under a pile of stuff. I used to love painting in square format and I must have ordered a load of canvasses for that purpose. This was many years ago, so I most probably got waylaid with a decoration project, and then, after a few weeks or months, when I finally returned to painting for myself, I must have forgotten all about them and then changed format.

This often happens when I return from doing decor work, I tend to lose my original thread and direction, then, because I have been inspired by being in different surroundings I invariably set off on yet another hike across that deserted landscape of ideas. I am easily swayed to work with different colours and deviate from my original path. Anyway, all this is to say that recently I have been painting on square format again. After a visit to my ceramic artist neighbour, where I did some sketching during one of her classes, I completed 3 oils,  called pottery classes 1, 2 and 3. I want to do some more on this subject eventually :

firstly some sketches:

IMG_8896 IMG_8897 IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8900 IMG_8901 IMG_8902 IMG_8903


3 oils 30 x 30 cms

IMG_8583 - Version 2




Then 3 square interiors, 30 x 30cms:


IMG_8854 IMG_8839 IMG_8904


It’s great having loads of canvasses to hand, I must order some more to give myself a nice surprise in a few years’ time!

4 thoughts on “Back to square one(s).

  1. Beautiful paintings Liz, delicate but lively, gorgeous colour, and I love the square format myself, I don’t know why I find it so satisfying but I do. Wonderful immediacy you get in your work, I’m envious!

    • Thanks Phil, although you have nothing to be envious of, your paintings are superb! I’ve still yet to do a post with some of your work and others, but time keeps slipping through my fingers; now that the evenings are lighter I should get more time!

  2. Lovely work, Liz. The drawings are so delicately poised… I love the reflections in the lenses of the student potters’ spectacles. And the finished paintings are a delight, conveying a real sense of attentiveness and poise in the people, and a gorgeous feeling for light and space. Congratulations! XXX

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