Of the cuckoo and Spring, and other things….

I heard the first cuckoo of spring  yesterday; all the years  we have been here the local cuckoo has his/her own particular voice, she cries “cuck-cuck-cuckoo”.  Assuming we are now listening to her descendants, it’s interesting that we still hear that same triple-cuck cry. A testimony to the parents passing on their characteristics.  Or maybe there is a geriatic cuckoo out there using a zimmer-frame with helicopter rotors……………


The mimosa is blooming rather late, it’s velvety scent fills the air, the plum trees are in blossom, primroses and daffodils are in flower; woodpeckers are scaring the daylights out of Meggie-dog, sounding like distant gunfire to her, (the music of nature’s timpanists to me.)


This week I have been back working at Château des Vigiers, retouching the paintwork in the restaurant and bar. I decorated them 24 years ago, and the work has stood the test of time rather well, partly because it is meant to look old.  The retouching involves filling all the scrapes and knocks which are inevitable in a busy restaurant and bar,  then using a collection of small paintbrushes and a palette, I flit from colour to colour matching them as closely as I can.

Here’s a photo of the restaurant.


The pigeonnier, in the early morning mist.



The Salon de Thé that Graham and I repainted last year.



and the kitchens , a shelf of thermos flasks looking as characterful as penguins.IMG_8825


One thought on “Of the cuckoo and Spring, and other things….

  1. What a lovely post, full of the excitement of spring, and I love that photo of the shelf of thermos flasks, they look like they’re about to spring into life, like in some Fantasia-style Disney movie!

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