A pot-pourri of a post.

Firstly, thanks to friend Sue Willcox for keeping all my Christmas cards, and for solving the mystery of the missing card for 2001. Silly me, I should have designed it with Kubrick’s film in mind;  I’m pleased though to have the full set now.




Secondly a couple of ipad pics:

ipad:chair ipad:light table

We have just returned from the Basque country, visiting friends near Biarritz. We popped over to Spain to Hondarribia, a charming and colourful town, even in winter ( it’s even more spectacular when the geraniums are flowering). We wandered through the streets, to the music of many canaries trilling their song, the poor things imprisoned in their cages hanging high on the balconies. The weather was dull so the photos aren’t brilliant I’m afraid:






and 2 shop windows:













The Basque separatists remain in evidence in Spain, with their many supporters hanging flags of allegiance in defiance.




The Basques still stack their hay with the central post and the hay stacked around it.



Sitting in the back of the car with Sue driving, the Pyrenees in the distance through the windscreen:




Some of Sue’s collection of teddies in our bedroom:






of which there are quite a few:


IMG_8203 - Version 2



January is nearly over; help, where is the time going? Mind you, and I don’t mind saying….roll on summer!






5 thoughts on “A pot-pourri of a post.

  1. Love this post Liz, the Basque Country is a place me and Jan have wanted to visit for a long time, and these pics give a lovely flavour of the place – those shop window pics are fab! You inspire me to try and do some sketching on this iPad tool I like the painterly quality you get on those pics.

    • Hi Phil, I think you will enjoy drawing on the ipad, just as I do. The app I use is called ArtRage and it costs pennies. You can draw many layers as in photoshop, and it has a number of tools available. I don’t use them to their full potential, because I always seem to use them for sketching. The possibilities are endless,have fun!

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