Monstrosities and mundanities

After such horrible happenings last week, it seems a bit self-indulgent to post anything that isn’t meaningful or thought provoking, but life must go on I suppose. Solidarity seems to be the key word here in France. It was incredibly moving to see so many people gathering together with a common feeling of disgust and loathing towards such disregard for the preciousness of human life. Let’s hope it forms a permanent multicultural multireligious alliance against such abominations. Whilst I’m not sure if we do have the right to offend, (still sitting on the fence here), nobody has the right to murder another human being. Sticks and stones and all that.

A friend who is an artist/llustrator, Alan Baker, (  sent me his cartoon, and I have  his permission to show it here, it’s poignant and clever :

I'm charlie

he also sent me a link to a compilation of anti-terrorist cartoons that the BBC have put together here. My favourites are Pope’s and @Adamstoon1



AND SO TO THE MUNDANE: I’m trying hard keep to my resolution to do a painting a day, however for the sake of sanity I have lowered the bar to making sure that I do something artistic everyday, so this could be an ipad drawing, a sketch or a painted sketch, or, more hopefully, the start of a painting.

Here’s an ipad drawing :

rose 2 ipad


and here’s a painting from it in oil, 50cmx20cm :

rose oil



now- 2 more small paintings 10×10, A. a piece of wasp nest, I may add a wasp , I’m thinking about it:

wasp nest


B. some acorns:



Lastly a few paint sketches:


branaire dining 2


winter dawn Gs barn



branaire dining room





7 thoughts on “Monstrosities and mundanities

    • Thanks Anita, I certainly find the ipad paintings easier, probably because I don’t see them as artworks, but more as sketches. Thanks so much again for the stylus, it’s a beautiful tool.

      • Oh, Liz, I must beg to differ in opinion about your iPad drawings. I feel they are, at EVERY stroke, artworks.
        They come from YOUR hand!! The only difference is that you are using tools and a palette that derive from today’s artist’s digital toolbox. Additionally, they exhibit your own, brilliant senses of composition, chiaroscuro, color, texture and theme. I find them to be very visually interesting, and would love to see them printed onto some fine rag papers at varied sizes and scales. But, now that I’ve said these things, please don’t tighten up your technique with them… thinking they are ART with a capital “A,” because that would ruin the spontaneity and the energy of them!! (All right, I’ll shut up now.) 😉

      • You are making me purr, Anita, your words are very kind. So please don’t shut up!!…….O.K. now I need to research how to get them printed up, it would be an interesting exercise. 🙂

  1. Just brilliant as always Liz, yes terrible in Paris last week we had a siege with hostages taken in Sydney at Xmas two dead plus the terrorist its impossible to predict where it will happen next.

    hope you both have a good 2015, sending a post card with an australian frog I did, cheers stuart

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