Here comes the chopper…

You may remember this handsome woodpile which was delivered in August, all 18 tonnes of it; the story of Rumplestiltskin comes to mind watching Graham steadily reduce it; sawing, chopping then stacking the logs in our woodshed. If you are wondering at the shapes of these logs, they are the “first cuts” off oak and chestnut, before the next process  renders those mighty tree-trunks into planks. I feel some sadness when I think of all those years of growth so casually cast aside, it seems a terrible waste. We buy it for firewood, so it’s not totally wasted, and it keeps us cosy all winter, ( also, Graham gets nice and warm chopping it!). However I try not to think of the amounts that get burned: we are one of many millions of French households who use wood for our main winter fuel, I am not even going to go there with those calculations! Well, it is renewable energy……

This pile, you can just about see Meggie there to show the size of it :



is being reduced :





to this:



4 little paintings I have done recently (10×10 cm) :













IMG_4483 IMG_7495

















and a trompe l’œil:


















The forest is sublimely autumnal at the moment; the carpet of fallen leaves is richly colourful with chrome yellow golds, russet reds, siennas, purples and  browns; as I walk, the damp squidginess underfoot gives off a musty, yeasty odour intermingled with the scent of an endless variety of fungi.

Meggie wondering why I am lying on the ground, ” let’s get on with our walk! ” : fungus out of focus



















Meggie blurred, fungus in focus, what a fine specimen!




5 thoughts on “Here comes the chopper…

  1. Malcolm Hecks:

    What a fine ‘blog’/journal you have going here, Lizzie. Lying down among the wet leaves to photograph a fungus is beyond duty. Nicely done though. Give Meg a bite on the leg from me?! xx

  2. I’ve got an email connection after it. Failed for more than 3 weeks. – just trying to catch up now. – I like your recent messages. canal holiday sounds very civilised. Graham’s log splitting and stacking is very impressive. – our pile is a bit of a pimple in comparison! Owain my brother who lives in Norway told us that one of the Norwegian best sellers this year is a book all about the Art of Log Stacking ——– did Graham write it?! We are getting ourselves together to drive out to CZECH for Christmas. Taking the dogs and their so far untested passports – unfortunately leaving a problem at home – a beautiful stray cat has chosen to live with us but Swt our elderly black cat hates him our neighbours will have to feed them one out tside and the other inside Sent from my iPad sleek soon love A xxxx

    • Hi Angharad. The Art of Log-stacking! Well, I simply MUST get a copy! As far as I know Graham does not speak Norwegian, but it is quite possible that it has been translated into several languages, for every household should have one ! Have a wonderful (white ) Christmas in Czech, my love to you all!xL

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