Puppet Challenge parts 9 and 10, plus mural restoration.

Firstly here are the links to  parts 9 and 10 of the Puppet Challenge, the art still keeps on coming, each one so original, the artists so varied.



The rest of this blog is going to be rather disjointed, but it’s about our daily lives, so it’s bound to be so.

A friend from Paris brought me the most delightful present last week , when I unwrapped it I thought it was a beautiful little oil painting of a seaside village, on closer inspection I realised it was a square of polished marble, it measures  only 10cm x 10cm, yet it’s story is immense, it is a Florentine marble from the Eocene period, and is no younger than 33.9 million years old and no older than 56 million, there is nothing more to be said than to gaze in wonderment. Thanks Sylvaine, this is a present I will treasure.



In between the changeover for guests ( making up beds, ironing, cleaning etc) we have been redecorating 2 rooms in a townhouse in Bergerac, where I restored some turn of the century murals some 6 or 7 years ago. The entrance hall was painted beautifully, depicting the 4 seasons. Unfortunately, I cannot find the “before” photos, nor could I  get a decent photo of the 4th one as it has a huge piece of furniture hiding it, but here are the other three restored to their former glory. The entrée is rather dark so the photos aren’t brilliant, I’m afraid.

IMG_5826 IMG_5827 IMG_5829


The 2 bedrooms upstairs were painted with Arabian desert scenes, I enjoyed the challenge of matching the beautiful soft colours, nerve-wracking as it was.. All the murals in the house were quite badly damaged,with large areas missing due to cracked plaster having fallen off in chunks. When doing restoration on something like this you obviously start off working on the larger areas, the tiny chips and scratches never seem to show at this point, but the more you restore the whole, the more the smaller marks gleam out saying ‘“hey, you haven’t finished yet!”

IMG_5866 IMG_5867

Lastly: The Beast of La Crabouille darkly surveying our fields……actually it is the 20 tonne oak wood pile, delivered last week, in readiness for winter. It looks like an art installation by Christo. Graham has to cut all this into smaller lengths for our Rayburn cooker/boiler : rather like a task for Rumpelstiltskin. I got Meggie to sit in front to show the size of it, the pile is 3m deep and 3m at highest point. The lengths are the first cut before the woodyard cuts the rest of the tree trunks into planks. Aaah…… but Graham loves a challenge!

IMG_5856 - Version 2





7 thoughts on “Puppet Challenge parts 9 and 10, plus mural restoration.

  1. Hello liz

    Before we start this is from John….
    I love the paintings,they are fantastic…in fact they are so good you could get a great job over here flogging paint at b&q…
    As for the great big pile of wood..well who is graham trying to kid..that’s really his wallet which has grown exponentially since leaving Scotland

    Love John
    Sent from my iPad


    • If only ……….!!! The paintings are lovely aren’t they? I was told they were turn of the century (19th-20th, that is) but actually, you know, I think they may be later, the colours in the entrée are very 1920s, or maybe the marbling below was added later, for that was in the worst condition when I came to restore them. I realise that I misspelt “restoration” in the title (now corrected) I spelt as though in French, hey ho!

    • You are absolutely right Anita! Graham is also currently building his soapbox cart for the race next week, ( worthy of a separate blog) , the secret plans are hidden in his head , so who knows what it will be?

  2. The murals are beautiful, and to my eye look impeccably restored. You are the cleverest woman.

    As for the marble slab, yes, I too thought it a painting at first glance. (Something there to be learned about the nature and the mechanics of abstraction!)

    The woodpile, oh my! That’s going to keep Graham svelte and well-honed ready for the Winter months ahead! Good luck!

    Oh Winter. Not sure I’m ready for it!

    Sending a heap of love as big as that woodpile, but hopefully, not as heavy!

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